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cashgrany -> Sprite Photo (6/7/2019 12:48:47 AM)

Hello everyone ; I saw in the database editor; in "unit-general-spritephoto" ; how do you add spritephoto?

Veitikka -> RE: Sprite Photo (6/7/2019 12:09:37 PM)

The photo feature is currently not in use. It may be activated in the future when we know where and when the photos should be shown.

Linda_Sheffield -> RE: Sprite Photo (6/10/2019 1:13:08 PM)

Err... This feature is working fine. Although it requires manually editing CustomResources file.

Linda_Sheffield -> RE: Sprite Photo (6/10/2019 1:39:13 PM)

1 Create a photo of a unit - unintmname.png

2 Create a folder at ...\data\graphics\your_folder and place unitname.png there.

3 Open resources_custom.xml and add:

<sprite name="Unitname" base_angle="0">
<image file="your_folder\unitname.png" />
<translation origin="center"/>
<rotation origin="center"/>

4 Open Database Editor and add unitname in SpritePhoto field.

Aaand all this trouble just to see photo instead of sprite on unit selection screen during mission generaton :)

nikolas93TS -> RE: Sprite Photo (6/10/2019 3:19:27 PM)

I notice database in Russian!

What mod it is?

Linda_Sheffield -> RE: Sprite Photo (6/10/2019 3:53:40 PM)

I translated russian part of Database and changed generic names of ammo to precise model markings.

Veitikka -> RE: Sprite Photo (6/11/2019 8:57:48 PM)

I thought I disabled the feature when I implemented the new UI, but if it works then everything is fine [:)]

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