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crazydave1066 -> How to make full screen? (6/2/2019 2:58:09 AM)

I've been trying to get into this game but unfortunately it loads in a small window and I can't figure out how to enlarge it. Is there a setting in the game that allows for fullscreen?

Istfemer -> RE: How to make full screen? (6/2/2019 2:54:43 PM)

You use Dosbox to play Pacwar, correct? If so, you need to change the 'output' option in Dosbox to something other than surface/overlay.
Both DirectDraw and Direct3D work well for me. OpenGL doesn't work quite as well for me as those two do, but that's because I also have aspect correction turned on.
Without aspect correction all three work fine.

Istfemer -> RE: How to make full screen? (6/2/2019 3:06:40 PM)

Alt-Enter to switch to/from fullscreen, though you probably already know that.

crazydave1066 -> RE: How to make full screen? (6/2/2019 9:29:10 PM)

Thanks guys! Got it all figured out :)

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