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KungPao -> West German's Milan ATGM (5/24/2019 3:32:44 PM)

Hi I noticed that West German's Milan Inf plt do not have Thermal Image ability.
So Bundeswehr didn't order enough thermal sight in the 80's?

the jeep with Milan 2 do have TI
Name Sensor List
Jeep Milan II TI
Milan II IR-S

on the other hand, all the Milan II in British force do have TI ability

CapnDarwin -> RE: West German's Milan ATGM (5/24/2019 6:09:31 PM)

Taking a quick look, it looks like the use of thermals on the infantry side for the Milan did not happen until the mid-90s. Let me know if you can find any sources stating otherwise.


KungPao -> RE: West German's Milan ATGM (5/24/2019 7:42:56 PM)

Thanks, I have no problem on that, just try to have a better understanding on Bundeswehr.
So technically WP smoke can be useful when facing West German infantry? It will block the LOS of M113G PzGren plt + ATGM. How about Marder IFV plt? Assuming it is Marder 1 without ATGM version, so Marder 1 can still shoot through smoke but PzGren ATGM will not be able to do so?

CapnDarwin -> RE: West German's Milan ATGM (5/25/2019 5:09:03 PM)

That is correct. No thermals, no seeing through smoke.

kokovi79 -> RE: West German's Milan ATGM (6/13/2019 9:08:28 PM)

My boss at work was actually a reserve officer cadet in a Panzergrenadier unit in the early eighties and he remembers that they already had at least some WBG MIRA (Milan Infrarot Adapter). So mid-90s seems to be too late although this needs to be verified.

CapnDarwin -> RE: West German's Milan ATGM (6/14/2019 2:03:33 AM)

Kokovi79, let me know if you do get some solid information to verify the time table of thermals and what systems they are on.

IronMikeGolf -> RE: West German's Milan ATGM (6/16/2019 4:02:03 AM)

Of interest are the start date of fielding and the completion date of fielding. No upgrade is ever done in a single month or even year. So, even with a mid-80s start date for fielding, a unit is not "wrong" to have the older equipment until you set the scenario to occur after the completion date.

For example, I was assigned to a mech infantry unit in Germany that transitioned from the M113A1 to the M2A2 in the Spring of 1991. Fielding of the M2 basic began in 1981. Two other battalions in my division transitioned after us. It took so long to modernise, that the third variant was in production. You'd think a US mech unit in Germany in 1990 or 1991 would have Bradleys, but not all units did.

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