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Anwer -> Resuply Units??? (5/23/2019 8:35:58 PM)


there doesn t seem to be a way to resupply Units! Is that Right? Or is there a way??

THX for answer!!

Greetings Anwer

exsonic01 -> RE: Resuply Units??? (5/24/2019 1:47:25 AM)

This game doesn't depict supply units or field supply station. This has been suggested and discussed in this forum since beta version so far. Last time I read here, devs are thinking about that option.

I wish any kind of resupply option in AB, even in very coarse or simple form. Very abstracted form of resupply like PFC-RS, or an option to model supply vehicle / supply station like Eugen's Wargame or SB PRO.... I'm OK with any idea.

kevinkins -> RE: Resuply Units??? (5/25/2019 1:47:37 AM)

The new campaign generator has a traditional resupply system between battles:

"The campaign settings include several options:
• The ‘player supply’ option determines how many supply points the
player receives for refitting units and selecting support assets. The base
value depends on the player force size. The opponent force size is scaled
up in proportion to this value. "

However, within the individual battles, there is no resupply. For example, you can't break into the enemy rear and head for the supply trains like in a NTC scenario. One day maybe.


BeirutDude -> RE: Resuply Units??? (5/26/2019 2:55:22 PM)

Seems to me like the time scale doesn't really allow for resupply of most units. Unless I'm doing it wrong most of the scenarios I'm playing don't last more than 1-2 hours. By the time a unit was far enough back for resupply, actually loaded/refueled and returned to the front seems to me the scenario would be over. FPC:RS generally is depicting scenario of 6-12 hours or longer, making resupply more reasonable, at least as I see it. I could see ITOWs, Milans or other ATGMs dropped off to a unit, but an Abrams...

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