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FearlessLeader -> Major Bug: Communist China Invincible Units (5/22/2019 12:56:12 AM)

I'm playing Axis and Communist China Units Cannot be attacked and land can't be entered.

Here's how the bug materialized:
As Japan, I took a northern route and took Urmchai first.
Then other units took The Chinese capital and then Sian.
Communists then joined China.
I then took the Communist China capital. But the Communist units didn't surrender.
Then my Urmchai forces took Lanchow from behind.
The Chinese Forces surrendered, but the Communist China forces did not.

Now I can't attack those forces and I can't enter the land they occupy.
I also have no way to declare war on them since I already have their capital.

Amazingly, my friend who is playing the allies, is able to move his Communist China forces and attack my units.
He's also able to advance and take new territory.
All of this... and I still can't attack him or enter his land.

Luckily, he agreed to not use those units and is letting them sit.

But this is a huge Bug that is limiting my mobility... Let alone he could start using the units again if he wanted too. So now I have to leave a larger garrison force behind "just in case".

Please fix this bug.


Hubert Cater -> RE: Major Bug: Communist China Invincible Units (5/23/2019 3:05:20 PM)

Thanks for the report and I'll look into it, but at the moment I am having a hard time recreating this one as well on my end.

BillRunacre -> RE: Major Bug: Communist China Invincible Units (5/25/2019 8:55:46 PM)


I've had a look at the scripts and worked out why, as the Communist Chinese default to being under the control of the USSR if their country surrenders, and I guess I'm right that Japan isn't at war with the USSR?

Despite this, they can operate in (formerly) Allied territory and attack Japanese units there, but the Japanese won't be able to attack them.

I'll have a think about this as making them default to being under (Nationalist) China's control would resolve this, but there may be times when China has already surrendered so the Communist Chinese would also in this instance give up the fight if their capital is lost. That probably isn't avoidable unless we can have them go to another Major that Japan is at war with... the USA perhaps as later in the war the US did form connections with the Communists.

But even with that, if this situation arose before the USA and Japan were at war then the issue would reoccur.

So it might be possible to reduce the chance of this, but not necessarily to prevent it ever happening.

FearlessLeader -> RE: Major Bug: Communist China Invincible Units (6/3/2019 9:32:41 PM)

Hi Bill,

Thanks for researching and giving a response that makes sense.

I'm assuming the current embedded AI is keeping you from modifying how this works.

It just seems like a huge bug to me. If Communist China is now protected by the Soviets, one would think I could still finish them off and just give the Soviets a bit of a boost to their mobilization whithout having to declare war on all of the soviet union. Especially since I was already at War with Communist China.

At the least, if Communist China is going to get full protection from the Soviets (even thought they are completely cut off from soviet supply) at minimum, one would think they couldn't attack freely against countries that are not at war with the soviets.

This whole thing of they can attack Japan and take territory, but Japan can't attack back... seems kind of ludicrous.

And the solution of having to attack a Major power just for the priviledge of getting to continue to attack units you were already at war with... seems kind of wrong. At minimum, you should have lots of messages explaining this dynamic to the players when it happens.

Anyway, you have a great game here and I love it.

But it would be great if you could make these rare occurances become a bit more realistic.

Thanks for all your effort.

BillRunacre -> RE: Major Bug: Communist China Invincible Units (6/4/2019 3:10:27 PM)

Agreed, I'll amend the scripts to reduce the chance of this happening again to the minimum. [:)]

mathiaswargamefan -> RE: Major Bug: Communist China Invincible Units (6/13/2019 5:52:17 PM)


that is the same problem, if italy declare war on soviet union in aod, then you can not attack the russian units with the italian units. at first, germany must declare war to the soviets.

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