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Joejoemyo -> Shakturi Control/Trigger (5/18/2019 2:17:43 AM)

So I've recently been modding the soul out of this game, and upon starting my new playthrough on the hardest difficulty with AI improvements, I realized there was no way I could end the Shakturi. However, I still want them to be an option, just an end-game challenge instead of a universe-ender midway, where you would normally reach victory (I have a mostly endless game where the only victory is being the last survivor).

Point being: I'm wondering if anyone knows what triggers the Shakturi's arrival, and if there is a definite way to postpone this. Ideally I'd like to know if anyone knows the location of the Shakturi arrival settings in the game files.

Any help would be appreciated!

ehsumrell1 -> RE: Shakturi Control/Trigger (5/18/2019 3:36:51 AM)

Hello Joejoemyo;

It is hardcoded within the exe file.

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Shakturi Control/Trigger (5/18/2019 4:30:34 AM)

you can try to contact Bacon asking his help.

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