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xhoel -> Rum MGs not being produced! (5/11/2019 6:53:44 PM)

I just noticed that the Rumanians have not produced a single MG since the start of the campaign. We are talking about the 7.92mm MG and not the 7.92mm ZB53 MG which is being produced normally. There is enough manpower and armaments in the pool. Please fix this as it messes up with the Rumanian units since they will lose a lot of firepower.

Has any other Axis player encountered this?




EDIT: I just checked a GC against the AI and a team game and in both cases the MG is NOT being produced.

Denniss -> RE: Rum MGs not being produced! (5/11/2019 7:10:29 PM)

These old rechambered WW1 Schwarzlose MGs were not produced anymore, Romania was in the process of (slowly) replacing them with ZB53s

xhoel -> RE: Rum MGs not being produced! (5/11/2019 7:20:36 PM)

And when does the replacement take place? So far all units are using the old MGs.

chaos45 -> RE: Rum MGs not being produced! (5/11/2019 8:59:21 PM)

your build screen shows you built 263 of the newer MG its showing a start build date of 7/41.

My guess is its hard capped at so many per month, thus it will take a very long time to replace all the old ones...but that's info Dennis would have to give...they have messed with the production a ton in all the patches. Used to be as long as you had men and armaments stuff got built but now a lot of items have monthly caps they placed in the game.

morvael -> RE: Rum MGs not being produced! (5/11/2019 9:39:25 PM)

xhoel, Rumanian pools are not in such a great shape, usually they have a shortage of men and not that much armaments.

Denniss, in the latest data I see ZB53 is configured to import from German MG34 at 1% rate. I don't think this is necessary. I think this was a separate Czechoslovak weapon, not exported MG34.
Also, initial build may be increased a bit, to kickstart the process of upgrades (150 is needed to switch one division).
Finally (and this may be main source of slow upgrades), the previous MG is marked as upgrading to ZB53, but has end date 9/45. So it is never obsolete, but it should.

chaos45, not messed, but vastly improved. The new system is much better at utilising pools, available resources and maximizing combat power gained from these. Sometimes data configuration may inhibit the code to operate with desired efficiency.

morvael -> RE: Rum MGs not being produced! (5/12/2019 8:08:35 AM)

I made the game realize items with production disabled are obsolete. That will allow upgrading TOE to new MG type, and that in turn will generate higher production for that new model, and facilitate faster replacement. The same effect could be achieved by setting end date of 6/41 to the older model.

Remember the code must work with severe handicap of being forced to keep a single variant of given equipment per slot, it can't slowly replace losses of old models with new models, mixing both. It must change all at once, which in itself is unrealistic. Such big swaps must be slowed down and made only when the new item is available in numbers guaranteeing it will not be replaced back soon, an issue which the original code could not solve.

xhoel -> RE: Rum MGs not being produced! (5/12/2019 10:35:29 AM)

Morvael I understand what you are saying, however the Rumanian pools are not in such a bad shape that they wouldn't be able to produce MGs. You can see from my screenshots that they have 138k men in the pool and around 18k ARM points so they are lacking in armaments but are not so bad as to not produce any MGs.

Moreover, only 3 on map units are using the ZB53 MG (1 Infantry, 1 Cavalry and 1 Security Division) all other units are using the old mg and the shortage is crazy at 533 squads wanted. So whatever process is in place, it clearly isn't working as intended. AFAIK the Rumanians begun switching to the ZB53 in the summer of 41. We are now approaching the summer of 42 and there are shortages of MGs everywhere? This is not only unrealistic but it makes 0 sense considering that the Rumanians have the ARM and the manpower to solve the problem.

I hope this problem will be fixed in the next patch. In this state it means that the Rum Infantry divisions will be suffering in terms of firepower and CV which leads to a snowball effect.

Telemecus -> RE: Rum MGs not being produced! (5/12/2019 12:24:25 PM)

I remember a post once saying Rumanian MG production was suppressed because you had all the Rumanian MG battalions being disbanded on turn 30, which meant their equipment could be used for replacements instead. I can understand why that would prevent a build up of MGs you did not need once the MG battalions disbanded. I assumed this suppression ended on turn 30 though? Normal predictive building could then kick in taking into account any surplus or deficit there as a result.

morvael -> RE: Rum MGs not being produced! (5/13/2019 2:32:49 PM)

After treating elements with production disabled as obsolete, turn 10 GC 41:


xhoel -> RE: Rum MGs not being produced! (5/13/2019 5:13:44 PM)

This is looking much better. Will it be part of the new patch?


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