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Dimitris -> Issue with speed of some CWDB "infantry" units (5/9/2019 5:25:52 AM)

Filing this on behalf of someone from the Discord server who, for unclear reasons, is unable to post here:


Hello, just been rooting around in the new Build 477, and uncovered some issues.

At least five of the civilian assets (Agent, Aid Worker, CIA Agent, Journalist, Commando) are capable of reaching thirty knots maximum despite not having any associated vehicles. Also, Commando is spelled "Comando" in the database.

If these speeds are unintentional, I would recommend preserving realism by decreasing their speed to around five knots, which is the average human jogging speed.
If it is to make them more viable in a scenario, it might be smart to attach a vehicle to them, like Car, Unarmed. Don't really know if the DB allows this, but you also could allow them to board a car after the fact in order to have both slow and fast states represented.

Lots of good additions in this update. Cheers!

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