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oldMarinePanzer -> Support Requirement Percentage (5/7/2019 3:00:34 PM)

Team, what is the games "support requirement percentage" determined by the game engine? In other words, if I create a unit and add ground elements, for example tanks, artillery, infantry squads, engineers etc, then I go to the scenario main screen and select the "reset support" button in the units tab the game engine adjusts the "support" required and displays it on the units tab with the assigned support. In WitE this was done in the units tab. I found this must be done more than once in WitW to get to the final number, in other words adding additional support sometimes requires additional support to support the support :-) , so what is the algorithm or calculation used by the game engine, because adding for example 50 artillery pieces might require something like 71 additional support etc.

Denniss -> RE: Support Requirement Percentage (5/7/2019 7:31:35 PM)

Each Ground element has a support requirement (set in ground types), this is multiplied by the number of elements a unit has on hand.
Plus there's in-unit support + support leased from higher-echolon HQ so a unit may show higher support available than ready support squads on hand.

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