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LordMM -> Devs - Don't loose what makes you Great (5/6/2019 1:38:25 PM)

This is something which I wanted to get off my chest for some time. Apologies for my English. It isn't perfect. This is simply MY opinion. This thread might very much get deleted, but the message is to the devs. I'm just hoping they read it.

When games like Morrowind, Mass effect, HOI2 were made by their respects devs. These companies were considerably smaller, with a much smaller team of devs. The result, it allowed them to focus on their games. Games were created with a passion. We could see that on the gameplay, writing, finishing touches and everything else. As their games gained a lot of steam(pun not intended), Sales increased and their companies became bigger, Somewhere down the line, they started losing their touch. The companies who once focused on their audience soon forgot about them. Maybe in a bid to either widen their audience or in a bid to increase their sales. I understand companies do need to make a profit, but I do feel losing your core loyal audience is not the solution. I don't need to say what happened to each of the above companies, the controversies around Anthem, Mass Effect Andromeda, Fallout 76, Imperator Rome and Devs inability to accept the mistake is one among many problems plaguing once awesome gaming companies which are slowly turning Dark.

Distant Worlds is one game which gained a lot of niche loyal audience and also gained a lot o fan base especially after going to steam and the release of stellaris. This Fan base is also likely to increase massively once Distant Worlds 2 is released. Not to mention I also foresee that it will get a lot of fame among the space strategy community. Also likely to be Stellaris main competitor in the future, Since Stellaris is in for the long haul, considering it will probably get around 500+ DLC's to milk the living **** out of gamers. There aren't that many companies who are loyal to their fan base. I consider you folks amongst my fav companies, CD Projekt RED, Larian Studios to name a few. Just my humble request, when you finally get the well deserved fame and wealth from your upcoming future games don't fall like the others(I know you won't, but still). I have full faith in Erik and his team to release a brilliant game. My only wish is for the company in the future to stay true to its loyal audience.

Sorry/Apolagies if this offends anyone,
Thanks for reading....

Siddham -> RE: Devs - Don't loose what makes you Great (5/6/2019 1:50:37 PM)

I approve of and second this message [:)]

ElanaAhova_slith -> RE: Devs - Don't loose what makes you Great (5/9/2019 4:34:03 PM)

I also agree with the sentiment expressed by the thread starter. Don't dumb down the distinctive DW experience just to get a larger audience; (as many other companies have done / are continuing to do). Your team is a shining gem. IF you must, for financial survival reasons, dumb DW2 down for a larger market share, then please make the dumb-ed down version one OPTION while keeping the awesomeness of DW:U as an additional option.

thefinn12345 -> RE: Devs - Don't loose what makes you Great (7/9/2019 7:53:13 AM)


So like no "panda monks" should be introduced?

But think of the Chinese market!

Demonius -> RE: Devs - Don't loose what makes you Great (7/10/2019 7:41:59 PM)

No game will ever be complete without a place called "Crossroads"

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