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Ticonderoga60 -> New releases? (5/2/2019 3:11:42 PM)

Hey Peter, we haven't notice from long time. When the new release with Italian/French/japanese etc...? Before summer I hope. Thank for all Peter!

Peter Fisla -> RE: New releases? (5/2/2019 4:15:01 PM)

I have some ideas for the future but im too busy with my day job right now...

Ticonderoga60 -> RE: New releases? (5/2/2019 4:52:22 PM)

Ok Peter, but don't abandon us.[8D]

rmmwilg -> RE: New releases? (5/3/2019 6:10:40 PM)

Appreciate all you've already done Peter. Looking forward to when you can get back to it :)

Peter Fisla -> RE: New releases? (5/3/2019 7:57:16 PM)

Thank you! [;)]

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