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fitzpatv -> Operation Vantage (4/30/2019 5:06:43 PM)

I've just finished playing the Operation Vantage scenario, in which you command a British task force opposing a 1961 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. It's quite a complex scenario and actually pretty entertaining for the first day or so, though it does have some odd features (disparities between the Briefing and the actual situation, a helicopter-borne commando force that seems to have no actual role to play and virtually nothing happening after the halfway point).

My main issue, though, is that after successfully defending Kuwait and destroying 12 aircraft, 10 choppers, 6 patrol boats and two subs at a cost of 2 planes, with no neutral casualties or other adverse events, it finished as a 'Major Defeat', with no entries whatever in the Scoring Log!!

If I was expected to do anything else (like bomb targets inside Iraq in a needless escalation of the conflict), the Briefing gave no hint of it.

I'm considering it a win, but has anyone else had similar or different experiences with this scenario?

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