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Rasputitsa -> Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (4/30/2019 9:39:03 AM)

The purpose of this AAR is to test a what-if scenario playing as the French against the Coalition AI.

In the previous v3.05, I played as Austrians against the French AI, but with self imposed house rules to replicate the historical lack of co-ordination and initiative of the Austrian commanders.

The result was a narrow win for me, which I suppose is good, because it shows that the house rules provided a good balance, whilst a big win, or loss, would have indicated an unbalanced game.

Playing as French is not much of a challenge, as they are more capable than the Austrian Coalition, unless you really mess up the game, so looking for ways to add to the challenge and level the playing field.

I know that I can change the balance of the game with 'favour French/Coalition' settings, but I don't want to play with a diminished army and I want an AI opponent that keeps its historical fighting capabilities. I think that house rules provide this balance, without disturbing the historic capabilities of either side.

Having used house rules to provide a historical limitation on my Austrians when playing against eh AI in the last game, so now how to limit the capabilities when playing as the French. I don't want destroy the historic capabilities of the French units and their commanders, but still get some balance in favour of the AI Coalition.

The game has no editor, so I cannot change the French OOB, but decided to reduce the available French units by 'parking' selected units on the edge of the map, where they should not affect the AI's decisions and then play on with what's left.

There are 'what-if' historical situations which might have drawn off some of NAPOLEON's forces for both 1805 and 1809 scenarios. There was a possibility of a British landing somewhere on the Channel coast, or Prussia may have been drawn into the conflict, by the infringement of their territory at Ansbach in 1805, or the insulting diktats that NAPOLEON imposed on them, leading up to the 1809 campaign.

Part of Austrian plan was to encourage uprisings against NAPOLEON in the German States, 'what-if' that worked, as it did in the Tyrol.

The plan is to 'park' selected French corps out of the conflict, to simulate forces sent to other theatres. NAPOLEON did not choose these campaigns, they were forced on him by the Coalition and he must fight with whatever is available.

The selected units have to be far enough away so as not to influence the AI moves, so I am trying hexes 01,22 and 01,01 to see if that is effective in removing French forces without affecting the game.

It will take some practice to find the units to remove to get a nice balance to play a challenging game as NAPOLEON.

The Scenario

'The Invasion of Bavaria' - 9th April 1809 - 'Campaign' option selected, giving end date 14th July 1809, CotD v3.05 with my own adapted copies of the CHEMKID Map and Counter Mods.

FOW set 'Hidden Enemy'.

What-if scenario - VANDAMME ordered to 01,22 and I will not use BERNADOTTE (due in 24 days), or GRENIER (due in +72 days), they will be ordered to the map edge as they arrive.

These are self imposed choices, but also experimenting with a SourceForge APP 'Random File Picker', which will randomly select situations from a series of prepared folders that will permit options to vary the scenarios.

Victory conditions – French must capture VIENNA, or defeat the Austrian army, or lose.

Available forces – French - Player

Emperor NAPOLEON – Army Commander

MOUTON (Guard) - arriving ULM in 5 days


MACDONALD (Mac Corps) in +72 days
GROUCHY (Gro Corps) in +72 days
MARMONT (XI Corps) in +72 days

Units not taken as what-if option for this scenario

VANDAMME (Wu Corps) – what-if option, diverted into the Tyrol to counter Archduke JOHN
BERNADOTTE (IX Corps) - what-if option, diverted towards Ansbach, due Prussian mobilisation.
GRENIER (Gre Corps) – what-if option, will be diverted on arrival in +72 days to assist against Prussia

Austrian forces - AI

Archduke CHARLES – Army Commander


The scenario opens with the Emperor at ULM, with the corps of MASENNA , VANDAMME and the Engineers, whilst DAVOUT is at ECKMUHL and LEFEBVRE is between ECKMUHL and INGOLSTADT. LANNES is at AUGSBURG.

MOUTON and the Imperial Guard will arrive at ULM in 5 days, also there will be some reserve units attached directly to NAPOLEON ( Nansouty, Rouyer, Gency, Bruyer ).

VANDAMME is ordered to defend hex 01,22 to 'park' him out of the way, as part of the what-if, dealing with an uprising in the Tyrol.

Historically BERTHIER was in command at this stage and when the AI plays as French, NAPOLEON is locked in ULM, by the game, for several turns to reflect this delay in command (Napoleon actually reached the front on 17 April 1809). However, I have command as NAPOLEON and I make him free to move immediately. I have given the AI an advantage by not using some of the available French Corps, so I will make use of NAPOLEON straight away.


The Emperor has decided to maintain a forward position, until Austrian intentions become clear and, whilst the safe option would be to withdraw forward units towards AUGSBURG, he intends to concentrate the units coming forward from ULM (MASENNA, MOUTON and the reserve units) through AUGSBURG towards LANDSHUT.

A safer option would have been to concentrate on LANNES further back, but that would have meant giving up part of BAVARIA, which would have been politically damaging and I don't see NAPLOEON doing that.

However, with a forward concentration, DAVOUT's III Corps and LEFEBVRE's VII Corps must hold their positions near the Danube alone, until the rest of the army can arrive.

The game gives significant and varied Strategic decisions right from the start.

Turn 01 - 09th April, weather Clear

Supply set to 'computer control', LOC and Hospital set to AUGSBURG.

NAPOLEON expects DAVOUT to stay at ECKMUHL and he will move to that town and attach himself to DAVOUT's III Corps.

Initially I gave no order to DAVOUT, but on his own initiative, he started to retreat towards INGOLSTADT, probably a smart move, but I have decided on forward defence, so will order him back to ECKMUHL.

LEFEBVRE is ordered to 'defend' the Danube crossing at STRAUBING.

St Sulpice cavalry (detached) is detached from DAVOUT's III Corps to probe through REGENSBURG toward CHAM, with 'fallback' orders, to watch for Austrian movements on the Northern flank.

Deroi infantry is detached from LEFEBVRE's VII Corps to 'defend' the crossing at LANDSHUT and watch for any Austrian approach on the Southern flank. Wrede infantry is detached to 'defend' the crossing at STRAUBING, neither unit will be able to stop a serious advance, but they will detect it and may delay such an advance. Montbrun cavalry is also detached from III Corps to support Wrede at STRAUBING.

The Emperor dislikes these detachments, as he wants to keep the large corps of DAVOUT concentrated as a powerful striking force, aided with his own attributes by attaching to DAVOUT, but he cannot allow the Austrians to approach undetected.

LANDAU is too far forward to cover, so DAVOUT is ordered to use the small supply depot there to empty supply from this exposed position.

LANNES has just left AUGSBURG, ordered to 'defend' LANDSHUT and cover the Southern flank, whilst the rest of the army is held up near ULM on the congested roads, although struggling forward to AUGSBURG.


The crossing over the Danube near ULM is a bottleneck and slows the advance, especially when MOUTON and the reserve units arrive at ULM to be moved forward. I could have and should have used alternative routes for different units and maybe delayed the Emperor's departure from ULM.

Keeping NAPOLEON at ULM would have shortened orders delay, while organising and ordering forward these units.

During later turns I found that corps commanders were not passing on march orders exactly as given and congestion developed on the ULM /AUGSBURG road. Orders had to be repeated and re-directing some units would have helped, but orders delay made this difficult to accomplish with NAPOLEON now heading for ECKMUHL.

The learning point is that the army commander (NAPOLEON/CHARLES) should always be close to the action to have the best effect, but the action is not necessary always combat and in this case movement was the vital issue, to get units forward. Keeping NAPOLEON at ULM may have been the smart move, as DAVOUT could take care of himself for a few days, but that's hindsight. It was not clear how fast the Austrians would approach and NAPOLEON wants to be at the sharp end.

There is a large supply depot at MUNICH (2000 supply points), with no forces available to defend it, the first effect of the what-if house rule 'parking' and not using VANDAMME. Supply must be sent back to the LOC at AUGSBURG and, although the game will allow the player to form supply convoys of up to 1000 points, this seems excessive, so by another house rule, only using convoys of 300 points per turn will be allowed from a city the size of MUNICH.

It will take several days to empty this depot, so the cavalry of d'Espange is detached from LANNES II Corps to cover MUNICH, from 2 hexes East of the city with 'fallback' orders. It is not expected that one cavalry division can save the city, but it will give warning and may delay the Austrians. Each day's delay will save another 300 supply points, which could be vital in a long scenario that may take the army to VIENNA.

House Rule :

The player may form supply convoys of no more than 100 supply points, for each town, per turn/day.

Except those originating from larger cities including AUGSBURG, LINZ, MUNICH, REGENSBURG, PILSEN, ULM and VIENNA, which can be up to 300 supply points for each convoy, per turn/day.

Note : the computer controlled supply system rarely sends out supply convoys with more than 100 supply points.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (4/30/2019 10:01:00 AM)

Turn 02 - 10th April, weather Clear

The initial orders are having an effect and the first result is that St Sulpice discovers the Austrian II Corps (KOLOWRAT) approaching CHAM.

Supply is under 'computer control', which frees the player to concentrate on strategy, but you can create convoys and move supplies whenever you wish.

Re-organising some of the supply, sending supply from ULM to the new LOC at AUGSBURG to speed up the process and continuing to empty the supply depot at MUNICH. I can see that the town of BRAUNAU is showing red and already in the hands of the Austrians and it will not take them long to reach the MUNICH supply depot, if they decide to head that way.

Here is the overall situation after the first turn, with the French army widely spread out, but expecting to eventually concentrate around LANDSHUT. It could be a concentration further forward, depending how fast the Austrians move and where the main advance appears.

VANDAMME has moved off to the map edge, off screen to the bottom left, where he will stay out of the way, leaving NAPOLEON to fight on with a reduced force.


Turn 03 - 11th April, weather Clear

NAPOLEON reaches DAVOUT to find that he has left ECKMUHL, heading for INGOLSTADT. The Emperor is not amused and having ordered an immediate return to ECKMUHL and attaches himself to III Corps.

LEFEBVRE reaches STRAUBING and is ordered to feint at CHAM, but he is weak, having no cavalry and missing Deroi Inf. (VII) detached at LANDSHUT. NAPOLEON notes that he must provide cavalry to VII Corps, as soon as the reserve units arrive.

I don't want KOLOWRAT moving towards SCHWANDORF and REGENSBURG to outflank DAVOUT, so LEFEBVRE's move is intended to tempt KOLOWRAT towards STRAUBING, but not get to entangled, so cautious advance is ordered.

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Turn 04 - 12th April, weather Raining, which will affect combat, but not the roads yet.


Austrian III Corps (HOHENZOLLERN) cavalry, with other units is seen approaching LANDAU where Montbrun cavalry (detached from III Corps), which is covering LANDAU, should 'fallback' as ordered. 102 supply points are evacuated from LANDAU to LOC at AUGSBURG, as the Austrians approach. I could have burnt the supply, which is instantaneous, and would have ensured the Austrians don't get the supply and, although forming a convoy to move the supply risks being caught by the Austrian cavalry, Montbrun's presence might provide enough delay for the supply wagons to escape.

Austrian II Corps (KOLOWRAT) is now at CHAM, with LEFEBVRE 'cautiously' advancing towards that town from STRAUBING. LEFEBVRE's task is not to get too involved, but to tempt KOLOWRAT away from an outflanking manoeuvre towards REGENSBERG, whilst the French army is still dispersed. Using the 'cautious' order should allow LEFEBVRE options to withdraw when necessary and avoid a major battle.

NAPOLEON cannot save MUNICH, but must remove as much supply as possible for a long scenario, d'Espagne (detached II Corps) has been ordered 'cautious/fallback' to 12 miles beyond MUNICH to cover the supply removal operation, with 792 points of supply still left in MUNICH (without house rules I could have moved it all !)

LANNES II Corps is moving to take over the defence of LANDSHUT from Deroi (VII Corps), but I have not re-attached that infantry unit just yet, until LANNES is fully in position.

MASSENA is between NEUBOURG and AUGSBURG and his arrival is vital to meaningful offensive action, now ordered onward to LANDSHUT

Austrians at PASSAU and BRAUNAU, shown by town ownership colours, cannot send supply to LANDSHUT and LANDAU, as these are now front-line towns.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (4/30/2019 10:53:32 AM)

The Emperor sits in his tent outside ECKMUHL, the rain pouring though gaps in the canvas and the sound of men and horses splashing around outside. He is reading the 'Situation Reports', which are available each day, they make unpleasant reading, as he is desperately short of troops and the forward deployment of the army means that support has further to come to reach him.



MOUTON IMPERIAL GUARD will arrive at ULM in 2 days

BERNADOTTE IX Corps will arrive near NURNBURG in 21 days, but will be diverted for scenario balance

MACDONALD will arrive near VIENNA in approximately 72 days

GRENIER will arrive near Vienna in roughly 72 days, but will be diverted for scenario balance

GROUCHY will arrive near Vienna in roughly 72 days

MARMONT XI Corps will arrive near Vienna in roughly 72 days

Much of this support is days away and some will not arrive at all (BERNADOTTE and GRENIER not to be taken), whilst the Austrians are beginning to appear with KOLOWRAT's II Corps already at CHAM and HOHENZOLLERN's III Corps near LANDAU, but there will be more coming.

NAPOLEON intensely dislikes this waiting, as it is not his style, but he does not have the troops to take the offensive now and must wait on events. Hoping that the Austrians will be unwary enough to offer him a morsel to strike out at.

The Emperor does not want to be tempted to detach more units and doesn't want to split his forces, but threats are potentially coming from at least three directions.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (4/30/2019 11:06:14 AM)

Turn 05 -13th April – Raining, roads muddy

During turn resolution a Cavalry skirmish is reported at hex (29,14) – but the map cannot be scrolled whilst the message is showing and a cursor would help to show where this action is on the map. The game does not bother the player with small actions, which are resolved by the AI.

You have to cancel the message to continue the turn resolution, so I am taking screen shots of these on-screen messages so that I can check them later. A game message archive would be useful so that these massages can be read, after the turn resolution phase, when the map is available for reference

The message refers to Montbrun being forced to retreat from LANDAU, but the supply convoy evacuating LANDAU has escaped and is seen passing LANDSHUT, but it is also passing a convoy heading for LANDAU with 57 supply points. This must have been generated when DAVOUT was drawing supply from LANDAU in the earlier turns, as the computer supply system is doing it's stuff.

Generally the computer supply system is very good, but it cannot know the big picture and it would be nice to have a feature to divert supply convoys.

Meanwhile, it has continued to rain and the roads have become muddy, it will hopefully be slowing the Austrians, but it is also going to slow the concentration forward of the French army.

The colour change on the CHEMKID map is subtle, when road conditions become muddy and needs to be watched for, I have missed the change in other games and not noticed the start of muddy conditions.


LANNES reaches LANDSHUT in force to take over the defence and Deroi is ordered 'forced march' to STRAUBING to rejoin LEFEBVRE, where Wrede is in contact with the enemy outside CHAM.

Austrian II Reserve Corps (KIENMAYER) is seen South of DEGGENDORF.

St Sulpice cavalry has retired too far and is redirected to the North of REGENSBERG, to watch for approaching enemy forces that might be by-passing CHAM towards DAVOUT's flank.

Another 300 supply pnts sent from MUNICH to AUGSBURG.

MASSENA is at AUGSBURG and so are the Engineers.

Must watch for MOUTON expected to arrive at ULM, now 1 day away, so that orders can be issued to keep him moving forward. The Emperor needs the Imperial Guard.

Montbrun is still in LANDAU, but so is Austrian Vokassovic Cav and III Corps art (shuffling stack – check stack count), 92 pnts of supply is passing LANDSHUT heading for AUGSBURG, so supply was saved. Also Austrian IV (ROSENBERG) Somariva and Hohenloe are approaching LANDAU, so now two Austrian Corps on this route

Austrian intentions are becoming clearer, 5 out of 8 corps identified and there should be something heading for MUNICH, although d'Espagne, detached cavalry, has not yet left the city to probe to the East. The Austrian corps are visible on the map, or can be seen during turn resolution when they may be fleetingly visible as they move, so keep watching the screen.

LEFEBVRE's withdrawal to STRAUBING is delayed by contact with Austrian II Corps, which has left CHAM in force towards STRAUBING, hidden by the Wrede counter, but shown by stack count confirmed by stack shuffle. LEFEBVRE needs to make a fighting withdrawal, as he is without Deroi, only 2 infantry/1 artillery and no cavalry. I could give him Montbrun cavalry, if that unit survives the withdrawal from LANDAU.

Have left LEFEBVRE set on 'To the guns' in case Wrede becomes engaged and needs help, also set on 'cautious', to give options for 'withdrawal'.

The Austrians are attacking, by invading Bavaria, so I can wait for them to come to me, as I am holding a forward position and can fall back on MASSENA and MOUTON if necessary. I have almost emptied the MUNICH supply depot so can give ground there, I have saved enough supply for a longer campaign.

Detached Morand from DAVOUT and sent to him to defend REGENSBERG, because if I hold REGENSBERG any outflanking movement will have to move by the longer route through NEUMARKT and I will have ample time to respond to that, if the AI dares.

The Emperor is concerned that his army is still not fully concentrated and that may take several days to achieve, especially if it continues to rain and the roads remain muddy. However, he has a central position at ECKMUHL, attached to the powerful corps of DAVOUT and he has a screen forming, with LEFEBVRE and LANNES contesting the river crossings with the advanced Austrian corps. The situation is not ideal, but it could be worse.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/1/2019 9:02:32 AM)

The congestion on the roads out of ULM to AUGSBURG were further complicated because I changed the LOC from ULM to AUGSBURG immediately, so the units I ordered to AUGSBURG were struggling along the direct roads, also clogged with supply wagons. Not my best move, just when the strategy needed these units to move forward quickly.

So what should I have done in the first turn.

Chosen MASSENA to move first on the direct route with 'forced march', either waited another turn for the next units to move, or sent the reserve units out on other routes. Delayed the change of LOC to AUGSBURG for a couple of turns at least and keep NAPOLEON in ULM to reduce orders delay whilst all this happened.

I needed to empty the supply depot at MUNICH and would have liked to send that supply direct to AUGSBURG, but that cannot be done until AUGSBURG became the LOC, because you cannot sent supply convoys between towns, only through the LOC. If ever there is further development, it would be good to be able to send supply between towns, without using the LOC and to be able to divert supply convoys already enroute to different destinations.

You sometimes see supply convoys heading into danger and have no way to divert them, except that I did see a supply French convoy heading for LANDAU when that town had just be lost to the Austrians, supply delivered to the enemy !! However, the supply convoy stopped near LANDSHUT for two days, so maybe the computer supply control does take this into account, but I did not see where the supply convoy ended up, as it just disappeared and I don't know if it delivered, or where.

Often a corps will build-up a surplus of supply and it would be useful to be able to re-distribute that supply to where it is needed, or drop it off into a town.

When a corps is of supply the text on the unit counter goes white, which sometimes is difficult to see on the mod counters, but the game will give a warning panel during turn resolution.

You can keep track of the overall supply situation in this panel, sometimes it doesn't show all the supply convoys, but you get an idea of what's happening and you can see the supply convoys on the map :


Supply has an abstract element, despite being portrayed by actual supply depots and convoys. Supply has less time and distance restrictions than normal units, but there is the historical effect of foraging, as units would not be entirely dependent on supply convoys. Historically, some food and fodder could be collected from the countryside, but gunpowder and shot can only be supplied from depots through the LOC and a regular supply network, so the game supply system, although not completely historical, is a good compromise.

The game supply system seems generous, but perhaps it is representing a wider supply network than just organised convoys.

Overall the supply system works and leaving it with computer control takes a lot of the load from the player. You get some odd effects, with sometimes more supply delivered than you need, sometimes less, but overall it's working well.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/1/2019 9:49:31 AM)

I have set VANDAMME, parked on the map edge, to take supply from the small depot at NEUMARKT, to stop him using the depot at ULM. The image in the previous post shows that he has 174 supply points, which is ample, and I don't want him taking supply out of the bigger supply depots.

LANNES is blocking Austrian III Corps at LANDSHUT (with orders - defend/regular), LEFEBVRE, hopefully will block, or slow Austrian II Corps at STRAUBING, whilst NAPOLEON, with DAVOUT, could fall on III and IV Corps coming through LANDAU. I expect something to be moving through MUNICH, but the supply is now mainly safe and it can be dealt with later, as the further they come, the harder they will fall

I have good information on 5 Austrian corps, 5 days into the campaign, and I can guess where the other corps might be, which is more information than NAPOLEON had at this stage in the historical campaign, although some of the miss-information that he had was his own fault.

NAPOLEON would not have liked to be sitting waiting like this, but I feel the need to let the Austrians show their hand before reacting, as I am operating at a disadvantage until the other French corps reach the battle area.

Now that LANNES has reached LANDSHUT and, if he can hold it, I cannot be easily outflanked. With LEFEBRVE drawing Austrian II Corps towards STRAUBING and not through SCHWANDORF, any Austrian outflanking manoeuvre here will have to be quite wide and should allow time to counteract it, NAPOLEON will have the interior position, but with a safe line of communication.

So far the Emperor is impatient, but satisfied with events.


Turn 06 - 14th April Raining, roads muddy

During turn resolution Montbrun cavalry is skirmishing and reported to be forced out of LANDAU, the game handles small scale combat/skirmishes automatically and only presents the player with the bigger battles during turn resolution.

KOLOWRAT advances out of CHAM and there is a battle with LEFEBVRE 12 miles North of STRAUBING.

LEFEBVRE is there to tempt KOLOWRAT and not become involved in a larger battle, so is set to 'withdraw'. KOLOWRAT means business and comes forward in a 'frontal assault', but the battle remains at low intensity, as LEFEBVRE pulls back, with low casualties on both sides.

LEFEBVRE has an artillery advantage and could have made KOLOWRAT's infantry assault suffer more, but LEFEBVRE is in an exposed position must not be drawn too deeply into battle just yet.


Montbrun, work done at LANDAU, is now transferred to LEFEBVRE as this corps has no cavalry.

LANNES is in position, with his corps concentrated to defend LANDSHUT against V and III Corps, with plenty of supply and more coming.

St Sulpice is probing towards CHAM along the River Regen.

Austrian VI corps (HILLER) has appeared and reached MUNICH and some supply has been lost, but the last convoy dispatched of 300 points is on the way to AUGSBURG covered by d'Espagne, who has set his own retreat to AUGSBURG.

MOUTON with the Imperial Guard has arrived at ULM and is directed to AUGSBURG, he has to get there before Austrian V Corps (LOUIS – a new arrival on the scene) takes that city and the LOC, by coming from MUNICH.

The Imperial Guard units are a useful reinforcement as they provide 20% bonus to all units in any battle where they are involved. NAPOLEON provides a 33% bonus to all French units within 2 hexes, so a combination of these two is formidable.

Nansouty, Bruyer, Gency, Rouyer have arrived at ULM already attached to NAPOLEON, as reserve units, shown by the name on the top of counter, all sent to AUGSBURG, but with only 1 hour orders delay ???? The army commander is at ECKMUHL and the orders delay should be much greater.

When looking at the AI playing as French in other games, NAPOLEON seems to sit at ULM, so does the computer think that NAPOLEON should always be in ULM, even when he has actually moved to other parts of the map.

Two more Austrian corps have been revealed, with only LIECHTENSTEIN I-R Corps left to be found.

St Sulpice cavalry is set with objective CHAM by forced march, to tease KOLOWRAT, but set to 'fallback', we don't want an engagement, just to threaten the rear KOLOWRAT's advance on LEFEBVRE at STRAUBING.

Checking reports and BERNADOTTE is due to arrive at NURNBURG in 19 days, but in line with the what-if option I am using, he will be parked at hex 01,01, under the scenario that Prussia is taking a warlike stance after being stung into action by NAPOLEON, who on January 1st. 1809, published his celebrated decrees, limiting the whole Prussian Field Army to 42,000 men.

LEFEBVRE is set for a slow withdrawal to STRAUBING, with his Ludwig infantry and VII Corps artillery still in contact with Austrian II Corps (KOLOWRAT). LEFEBVRE now has a better balanced corps with the addition of Montbrun and provided he gets concentrated at STRAUBING, he should have no difficulty in holding off KOLOWRAT.

Deroi infantry is to also heading towards LEFEBVRE to re-join , but still moving detached, as a premature re-attachment may cause LEFEBVRE to move out of STRAUBING to meet Deroi and it is important that LEFEBVRE stays in place and is not distracted. Corps commanders often attempt to take a position between their units to stay in contact with all of them.

Have detached Legrand from MASSENA to defend AUGSBURG LOC and when MOUTON and the reserve units arrive from ULM, there should be an opportunity to crush HILLER/LOUIS.

The emperor is attempting to create his 'battalion carre', with corps at one days march from each other and able to offer support in any direction, but it may take some time to achieve on the muddy roads.

The strategy is to parry the Austrian advance with the corps of LEFEBVRE, LANNES and MASSENA, whilst looking for the opportunity strike with DAVOUT's larger corps, with NAPOLEON attached to enhance its punch. Operating on interior lines, it should be possible to severely damage some of the Austrian corps, but the object is destruction not just driving them back.

The scenario victory conditions are to destroy the Austrian army and capture VIENNA, it is not enough to merely drive them back, it has to be annihilation.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/1/2019 10:45:05 AM)

Turn 07 - 15th April 1809 Raining, roads muddy

During turn resolution there is a report of a enemy division forced back at hex (26,13), but I cannot check this, as I cannot scroll the map. I later see that (26,13) is between LANDSHUT and LANDAU, but turn resolution has ended and things have moved on so it is not clear what has happened.

There is a battle at LANDSHUT, where LANNES is set to 'defend', LOUIS uses 'escalating attack' and whilst LANNES has outstanding execution (+24%), LOUIS suffers from communication problems.


Losses are heavy of both sides, 18 for the French and 16 for the Austrians, but LANNES still holds the town and river crossing.

During the battle Tharreau and Claparede are routed on the French side, Schustekh routed on the Austrian side.

Artillery doesn't get the same advantage in a 'Town' that it receives in 'Open' terrain and the battle is declared a draw.

The AI LOUIS only used infantry in the town street fighting and he has three infantry divisions against LANNES' two. LOUIS has 50 infantry strength points, whilst LANNES' has only 30.

Both LANNES infantry divisions are shattered in the street fighting in LANDSHUT, but his artillery and cavalry are not badly affected, however his corps is badly damaged.

d'Espagne, although detached from II Corps has set his own retreat from MUNICH back to LANDSHUT, where the rest of LANNES II Corps has just suffered its gruelling battle. NAPOLEON overrules this and orders d'Espagne to cautiously re-enter MUNICH to see where the rest of Austrian IV Corps has gone, as only two units are seen heading for FREISING.

LEFEBVRE has concentrated his corps at STRAUBING, but KOLOWRAT has not followed YET !
Deroi, making his way back to rejoin LEFEBVRE, has blocked Somariva from Austrian IV Corps, but no more of that enemy corps is visible. This must be the action noted during turn resolution, which prompted the message about - (Enemy Division forced back at 26,13)

MOUTON has not yet left ULM, orders delay, but the Austrian IV Corps' move towards FREISING has lifted the direct threat to LOC AUGSBURG.

LANNES is now in a poor condition at LANDSHUT and, as LEFEBVRE seems to be holding well and not in need of immediate assistance, NAPLOEON and DAVOUT move towards LANDSHUT to be able to support LANNES.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/1/2019 12:17:53 PM)

Turn 08 - 16th April, weather is clear, roads muddy

Reports during turn resolution.

Cavalry skirmish at hex (27,07 - CHAM)
176 supply captured by LANNES
Enemy Division forced back at hex (27,07)

CHARLES, as army commander apparently dissatisfied with progress so far, takes over the Austrian attack on STRAUBING with an 'escalating assault' by elements of II and II Reserve Corps, but he is only using cavalry and artillery to attack and both will suffer reduced effects in attacking the town. Perhaps that is all he has available after the earlier battle, or mistakenly thinks that LEFEBVRE was seriously weakened by the first battle.

LEFEBVRE has infantry and artillery with which to 'counter attack' and take advantage of CHARLES' ill-advised attack.

The attack does not progress beyond Round 1 and is easily beaten off with Schneller and Clary routed off the field, a clear French Victory, but losses are few, as it was a feeble attack which could not last long.

Although the forces were nearly equal in strength, they were not equal in the qualities for a town battle.


There can be up to 4 rounds of battle depending on the intensity and the battle stance chosen be each side and how aggressive they are. The battle panel has a read-out on the right side so you can see how the battle progressed, with a slide control so you can work back over all the fighting rounds. With FOW selected, this is the only time that you will see the strength of individual enemy units, as they come up in the stats and make a judgment on how badly they have been damaged. You can then decide how much of a threat remains from those enemy units.

St Sulpice seems to have entered CHAM captured enemy supply (31 points) and driven back an Austrian division, all handled by the AI during turn resolution. He now sits on the Austrian supply line to their attack on STRAUBING and may be responsible for the distraction suffered by Archduke CHARLES.

At the same time as the battle is continuing at STRAUBING, MASSENA confronts HILLER who is moving through FREISING into the flank of the French supporting forces.

MASSENA meets HILLER's 'frontal assault' from FREISING with a 'counter attack', this is an infantry only battle with MASSENA having a slight advantage in numbers (22-18), but with good execution, whilst HILLER is having communication problems, Nordmann is routed in another French victory.

HILLER's 'frontal assault' costs him 11 strength points in casualties, which is more that half the deployed force, whilst MASSENA holds back the assault then launches a devastating counter attack for the loss of 2 strength points, leaving HILLER heavily damaged. LOUIS is in the vicinity, but this should help secure this flank, whilst the army concentrates.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/1/2019 12:49:55 PM)

Here is the overall situation on the 16th April 1809 :


The Austrian forces are deployed in a great arc, closing in on Bavaria from CHAM to MUNICH. LEFEBVRE is facing three Austrian corps closing in on STRAUBING, whilst another three corps are pressing in on LANDSHUT and FREISING.

The French supporting forces led by MASSENA have just reached the vicinity of FREISING in time to block HILLER, but there is still LOUIS and LIECHTESTEIN near LANDSHUT. In the centre, but not yet fully engaged, are ROSENBURG and HOHENZOLLERN moving through LANDAU, which NAPOLEON abandoned, except for a light covering force, which has now withdrawn.

The Imperial Guard (MOUTON) and Reserve units have only just left ULM towards AUGSBURG, struggling through the mud and no major offensive can start until they arrive.

d'Espagne cavalry retakes MUNICH with 172 supply, which makes up for some of the earlier loss, and indicates that HILLER is spread out between MUNICH and FREISING.

St Sulpice cavalry is in CHAM taking 31 supply and finding troops of BELLEGARDE nearby, as well as KOLOWRAT, so this will be a cavalry raid and retire, St Sulpice is also showing tired from marching and counter marching from REGENSBERG to CHAM.

LANNES still holds LANDSHUT, with a much reduced force and Austrian I - Reserve Corps (LIECHTENSTEIN) has appeared approaching the battle area. LANNES will not have strength to face the Austrian corps closing in on him and MASSENA will have to move to his aid, hoping that HILLER has been damaged enough to leave FREISING safe until MOUTON gets there.

HILLER is vulnerable near MUNICH, if French forces can get onto the BRAUNAU road, but will they have the strength to make that move ?

CHARLES was at CHAM, so will have a significant orders delay to the extreme flank South of the river.

I could have made more use of NAPOLEON himself, as instead of him remaining attached to DAVOUT, NAPOLEON could have been attached to LEFEBVRE and LANNES in turn, to add bonus to the battles they fought. Being with DAVOUT was a good central position for reducing orders delay and being ready to provide a very strong striking force, but the battles at CHAM, STRAUBING and LANDSHUT would have had better results if NAPOLEON could have been on the battlefield and not waiting in the rear with DAVOUT.

Removed 172 recaptured supplies from MUNICH and sent to AUGSBURG.

So far battles are going well, but without the opportunity to exploit any success. It is not enough beat the Austrians, they have to be pursued to destruction, which at present I cannot do.

Commander attributes as applied in battle can vary, sometimes LANNES had better command execution, sometimes LOUIS, sometimes no variation.

Victory points are even, losses are 21 French / 35 Austrian, after LANNES unexpectedly big loss at LANDSHUT, but Austrian confidence has fallen to 2, whilst the French remain at 3. However, it's a long campaign and I need to keep the loss rate down, as I will not be getting all the reinforcements.

First week of the campaign is over and so far very pleased with the results of the 'what-if' scenario, which has been more challenging with a lot to think about. Lots of strategic options, with good replay value, because I can see may ways to play this differently.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/1/2019 3:38:56 PM)

Turn 09 - 17th April – Weather clear, roads muddy

Battle at 24,13, when NAPOLEON with DAVOUT intercepts CHARLES between ECKMUHL and LANDSHUT.


CHARLES was 'probing' towards LANDSHUT attached to IV Corps (ROSENBERG), intending to cut-off LANNES, whilst NAPOLEON with DAVOUT, moving South from ECKMUHL, unexpectedly intercept CHARLES and launch a 'counter attack', which means the action starts at low intensity for both sides. The French 'counter attack' raises the intensity at the end of the battle, but it does not deliver the crushing defeat that NAPOLEON is seeking.

CHARLES' 'probe' means that he is not full committed and has an opportunity to fall back, NAPOLEON only has 'counter attack' as the most aggressive battle stance available, which means that the battle starts at low intensity and CHARLES has the chance to escape. Unusually DAVOUT is suffering from communication problems and although NAPOLEON has a much superior force 99 to 49 and inflicts some casualties (10), it is not he crushing defeat that he has hoped for.

With little threat to REGENSBERG, the infantry of Morand has been re-attached to III Corps and rejoined DAVOUT just in time for the battle.

It seems that the encounter, started by CHARLES' probe, began before the Emperor's order to 'engage' had taken effect. The 'engage' stance would have made available 'frontal assault', or 'escalating assault', which would have resulted in a higher intensity battle, which would have been likely to have inflicted more casualties on the Austrians.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/1/2019 3:51:48 PM)

Here is the result of the battle near LANDSHUT 17th April 1809:


I am not sure why NAPOLEON only had the most aggressive option available as 'counter attack', because and 'engage' march order had been given and that should have made more aggressive battle options available.

However, CHARLES has been allowed to escape, which is great opportunity lost.


Meanwhile HOHENZOLLERN III Corps is probing into STRAUBING from the East, while LEFEBVRE is facing off KOLOWRAT coming from the NORTH. LEFEBVRE has been ordered to head South to join NAPOLEON near LANDSHUT, but to 'fallback' – 'cautiously', so had not left the town and reacted to the Austrian probe with a 'counter attack'. LEFEBVRE has a big cavalry superiority, which makes it difficult for the Austrians to disengage and LEFEBVRE manages to inflict more than twice the casualties that NAPOLEON and DAVOUT achieved at LANDSHUT.

LEFEBVRE's Ludwig infantry marches 'to the guns' and enters the battle after it has started and helps with the victory .

Victory screen looks better, but no Austrian units have shattered yet, so a tough fight remains. FOW means that I cannot see their state , but reading the battle screen will show which units took hits and which routed, keep notes, archive !!

LEFEBVRE still remains in a difficult position facing Austrian II, III and II-Reserve Corps and needs to fallback.

MASSENA has recaptured FREISING and HILLER VI Corps has been split by d'Espagne's move out of MUNICH, where strangely the re-captured supply ordered to safety at AUGSBURG has not yet moved out of the city. How will HILLER react to the raid across his communications ?

LANNES reduced corps is still holding LANDSHUT against LOUIS Vth Corps, hopefully still recovering from the first brush with LANNES.

St Sulpice has pulled back from CHAM removing the threat to KOLOWRAT's communications.

The 'parked' VANDAMME is not taking any more supply (what-if option), which is good, as he should sit there and not affect the rest of the scenario.

MOUTON and the reserve units are finally leaving ULM, but slowly, the roads remain muddy.

CHARLES has not disengaged from NAPOLEON and the battle is likely to resume today, hopefully with the 'engage' order in force, hoped it wasn't my error that the order did not go through yesterday, but on checking, DAVOUT is set to 'engage'. Orders remain unchanged, with the objective to move forward just one hex (25,14) to cut off and engage CHARLES. All units in contact with the enemy are set 'To the guns'.

Interesting that whilst the battle is in progress at STRAUBING, LEFEBVRE's supply convoy from AUGSBURG is waiting patiently, under computer control, at REGENSBERG.

After days of waiting and frustration, finally contact with the enemy has brought results, but with important sections of the army (including the IMPERIAL GUARD) still to arrive, can the Austrians be damaged enough to stop them escaping, as the Emperor does not want to drawn away from the support, which may never catch up.

LEFEBVRE's performance has been outstanding, as he is holding off three Austrian corps (KOLOWRAT, HOHENZOLLERN, KIENMAYER) at STRAUBING with the smallest of the available French corps, so glad I gave him a cavalry division and that the game allows the complete reorganisation of corps. LEFEBVRE has been helped by St Sulpice's activities around CHAM. The object was to gain warning of any Austrian movement North of the Danube, towards REGENSBERG, but when KOLOWRAT appeared at CHAM the objective became to tease KOLOWRAT and hinder his move on STRAUBING. A French cavalry unit appearing near CHAM would make KOLOWRAT uneasy about moving on, as there could be more French units following, I would have felt the same.

LEFEBVRE has been able to confront the Austrian corps singly, as they probe at STRAUBING in turn, a combined attack would surely have succeeded, opening the way to ECKMUHL and REGENSBERG.

St Sulpice is in good shape but tired and has set his own route back to join DAVOUT's corps near LANDSHUT, but I have to order him back to CHAM to keep distracting KOLOWRAT. LEFEBVRE has countered III Corps but now II-RESERVE is approaching, already on the South bank of the Danube, so there will not be the advantage of the river crossing to protect LEFEBVRE.

I need a quick and decisive result against CHARLES at LANDSHUT, so that I can open contact with LEFEBVRE, when and if he gets away from STRAUBING.

NAPOLEON has had to contain his frustration as the Austrian forces manoeuvred into a great arc from CHAM to MUNICH, as he is already in a forward exposed position and unable to strike further East, with support units still back beyond AUGSBURG. The what-if option of 'parking' VANDAMME and not using BERNADOTTE, when he arrives in 16 days time, has certainly added to the challenge in the scenario.

However the roar of the cannon and the smell of powder smoke have revived the Emperor's spirits and, as he wanted to maintain the forward position, he is anxious to press the advantage and inflict severe damage on the Austrians, before they can retreat, assuming that they want to retreat, perhaps they have other plans.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/1/2019 4:15:32 PM)

Turn 10 - 18th April, Weather clear, roads muddy

The rain has stopped, but the roads are still muddy.

Here is the overall situation :


There was no second chance to do battle with CHARLES, as despite the mud, these Austrians are quickly heading Eastwards.

DAVOUT's info panel shows that the order has been given to 'engage', but the march urgency is 'cautious', which I can't believe was the order issued. This shows that you have to work through commanders who have ideas of their own, which adds to the uncertainty.

The atmosphere was frosty at the staff dining table that night, as everyone knew that a great opportunity had been missed.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/3/2019 3:17:20 PM)

Here is a record of DAVOUT's info panel in the lead-up to the battle with CHARLES:


When waiting at ECKMUHL, DAVOUT has been set to 'defend' and 'regular' march.

As the situation becomes more critical at LANDSHUT on the 16th April, I order 'engage' and 'forced' march, which sends DAVOUT South and intercepts CHARLES, attempting to move on LANNES along the North bank of the Iser.

There is a battle on the 17th April against CHARLES with NAPOLEON commanding DAVOUT's corps. After the battle DAVOUT has dropped to 'regular' march and then on the following day (18th April) the urgency has dropped further to 'cautious' and CHARLES gets away.

A great chance lost.

Manual extract - Cautious March

Cautious, which orders a corps to rest every hour it
has at least one Fatigue Point. A corps so ordered
will generate a minimal number of Fatigue Points,
but the unit will move at the slowest pace.

DAVOUT had been building up fatigue in the march South and these these fatigue points came into play with the cautious march, each fatigue point adding to the delay.

I think what is happening is that when a battle occurs it cancels all previous march orders and the corps commanders start making their own decisions, which may not suit your plans.

The learning point is that, after a battle give the corps commander a full set of orders, 'contact stance' and 'march urgency' to stop them making their own decisions. When the Fatigue and Stress build up to high levels and the commander is shattered they are likely to ignore orders until they recover, but DAVOUT was not badly affected and new orders could have avoided the delay.

The next question is why did DAVOUT decide to be cautious after a successful battle and few casualties and I think the answer will become clear in the following turns. DAVOUT has no cavalry after the earlier detachments.

The detachments were necessary and very useful in helping LEFEBVRE to hold STRAUBING and LANNES to survive at LANDSHUT, but bad things can happen when advancing without cavalry moving ahead.

Maybe DAVOUT was right to be cautious.

Corps work best when well balanced (infantry, cavalry and artillery together) and they have time to reach an objective, with all units arriving and concentrated. Coming into battle when moving with units spread down the road has dangers.

It is useful to check your corps commanders each turn, especially if they have been in battle, to ensure that they are carrying out the orders that you want. The same applies to detached individual units which may decide to go their own way when things get tough.

The other problem was that I could not get a battle intensity option above 'counter attack', so it was not possible to inflict greater damage on CHARLES. I need to check this, as I thought that if you had a capable commander and NAPOLEON certainly is that, with an aggressive stance and that was set to 'engage', there should have been higher intensity battle options.

Maybe it was because this was a meeting engagement, or some other factor, but I am checking the Manual and Design Notes. Does the weather have any effect on this, if weapons have reduced effectiveness in rain, what other effects are there.

I don't know how much of this is WAD, or chance, but if it is in the design then this game is very deep.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/22/2019 2:19:57 PM)

After the inconclusive battle with CHARLES on the 18th April, the Austrians can be seen to be falling back on DEGGENDORF, whilst LEFEBVRE still holds STRAUBING.

Turn 11 - 19th April 1809, the rain resumes and the roads remain muddy.

During turn resolution there is a report of an enemy division driven back at hex (28,13), this is the cross roads just North of LANDAU and is assumed to be part of CHARLES' force on the road to DEGGENDORF.

LANNES is still under attack by LIECHTENSTEIN at LANDSHUT and, due to his earlier losses in holding the town, LANNES is now ordered to 'withdraw', which is fortuitous as LIECHTENSTEIN is found to be advancing in an 'escalating assault' with an overwhelming infantry advantage (30/8) and equal cavalry (4/4). However, cavalry are limited in the town fighting (-20%) and whilst LANNES has artillery (5) and LIECHTENSTEIN has brought none, it is of little help, as artillery is negated in the town (artillery effect 0%). LANNES should have had no hope in holding LIECHTENSTEIN back, but the battle only goes to 1 round at low intensity, due to LANNES 'withdraw' order and losses are light (LANNES 2 - LIECHTENSTEIN 1).

Seen in the battle report, LIECHTENSTEIN fails to execute a plan and HILLERs VI Corps units helping with the attack are hampered by communications problems, which results in HILLER's Nordmann infantry being routed off the field.

The final result is that LANNES is still holding LANDSHUT, as LIECHTENSTEIN is unable to advance and take possession of the town.

This is not a big battle, but the battle reports (at the side of the Battle Panel) shows the detail and depth that the game provides and the unexpected results that can occur, as each side experiences the difficulties of Napoleonic warfare.


Meanwhile, South of the River Iser, MASSENA, ordered to 'force march', is closing in to assist LANNES and this flank has held out a little longer. LANNES has stopped two Austrian corps from passing through LANDSHUT, cross over the Iser and into the French flank, but it has been at some cost and his corps will need time to recover.

BELLEGARDE and KOLOWRAT are seen to be closing in on STRAUBING from CHAM, so LEFEBVRE is going to face more pressure, although his performance so far has been outstanding.

The Army is beginning to concentrate further forward, so the LOC and Hospital are ordered to FREISING to be nearer the action. This will allow wounded to reach hospital more easily and return to their units more quickly, replacements are centred on the LOC and can only be allocated to units within about 5 hexes, so the LOC needs to be closer to the battle area.

Nansouty cavalry, an unattached reserve unit is transferred to MOUTON (Imperial Guard) passing AUGSBURG.

The Emperor orders DAVOUT in pursuit after CHARLES toward DEGGENDORF.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/22/2019 3:29:34 PM)

Turn 12 - 20th April 1809, the rain continues and the roads remain muddy.

During turn resolution there is a report of III(Artillery) being overrun on the road and surrendered. Also an enemy division forced back at hex (31.15), you cannot see this whilst turn resolution is in progress, but this is on the road between LANDAU and PASSAU, South of the river Vils.

The Emperor is concerned by these reports, because III (A) is DAVOUT's artillery and there should be no action towards PASSAU, but we have to wait until turn resolution has finished to find out what has happened.

DAVOUT, with NAPOLEON, was ordered towards DEGGENDORF chasing the retreating CHARLES, with ROSENBERG, with the added advantage that, on reaching DEGGENDORF, it would isolate the parts of Austrian II Reserve Corps which had crossed the Danube to confront surround LEFEBVRE at STRAUBING.

What seems to have happened is that, although the objective given to DAVOUT was DEGGENDORF, a substantial number of the Austrian force retreated down the road to PASSAU and DAVOUT's leading units followed in 'hot pursuit' along that road, forcing at least one Austrian division into further retreat. However, DAVOUT's III Corps Artillery dutifully followed the road to DEGGENDORF and, unsupported, ran into an Austrian rear guard (Somariva cavalry) and was overrun.

DAVOUT had no cavalry, as Montbrun had been temporarily transferred to LEFEBVRE at STRAUBING, where he was confronting several Austrian corps. DAVOUT's earlier caution, had been overruled by NAPOLEON, anxious not to let CHARLES escape.

There were bitter recriminations later that night, but the Emperor had been uneasy about the need for so many detachments with the Army so badly stretched and who would have expected units to be drawn onto the wrong road, leaving the following artillery so vulnerable.

I normally set march urgency at 'defend', which I expect will keep corps units together and not commit them into aggressive action until it's appropriate, marching with 'engage' does risk units pushing forward, with the possible result shown by the loss of the artillery. The good point is that the AI is no push-over even in retreat.

What to do, DAVOUT is the most competent corps commander, with the most powerful corps, which has to be restored to full fighting strength. LANNES is recovering from serious losses in holding LANDSHUT, but his artillery was not seriously engaged in the street fighting and is in good condition, so it is transferred at 'forced march' to DAVOUT.

DAVOUT's detached cavalry (St Sulpice) has been valuable in threatening CHAM and disrupting the Austrian attack on LEFEBVRE from that direction, but DAVOUT needs cavalry before any further advance. LANNES' Colbert cavalry is sent by 'forced march' towards LANDAU to be transferred to DAVOUT when close enough.

I think it best not to give direct command (transfer) of units to corps when too far away, as corps do not work well when their units are separated, best to detach units with separate orders, until they are close to the target corps, before issuing the 'transfer' order.

All of this will take time and I need to keep the pressure on the Austrians, so that they cannot recover from the earlier battles, but it looks like both sides need time to reorganise.

There are no more artillery units to be had (House rule - not using BERNADOTTE when he arrives), so I will have to hold back on issuing replacements, to make sure that I can keep the remaining artillery units at full strength.

Meanwhile MASSENA has been in battle for LANDSHUT and, although posted as a victory, has suffered two divisions shattered and significant loss (18), with his fatigue and stress rising. The game throws up such varied results with LEFEBVRE performing so well at STRAUBING, whilst holding on to LANDSHUT has been so expensive.

Beginning to get the feeling that my AI corps commanders know more about this game than I do. [:(]

Here is the Victory screen :


On the 17th April the loss was 26/73, now the loss rate is not nearly so good

D'Espagne cavalry is rejoining LANNES, on his own initiative, which I won't change as LANNES needs rebuilding and detached Legrand infantry has taken over the covering of MUNICH, whilst HILLER disappeared after the repulse at LANDSHUT.

I have had to give Tharreau (4) replacements from FRIESING, as he was down to strength 2 and Claparede (3) replacements, also if these units stay near FREISING, then wounded may return from the Hospital.

The Engineers became caught up in the fighting at LANDSHUT and started making their own way back to AUGSBURG, redirected them back towards LANDSHUT (one hex short), expecting the town to be recaptured.

The opportunity and the temptation to advance on BRAUNAU is very strong, as there are believed to be the elements of three Austrian corps in the LANDSHUT/MUNICH area and seizing BRAUNAU would cut them off, whilst the rest of the Austrian army is unbalanced after the battles around STRAUBING and near LANDAU. A chance to destroy a major part of the Austrian forces in one blow, but …...

DAVOUT has no artillery, or cavalry, units have been ordered to fill those gaps, but it will take time.

MASSENA, the other wing of the attack is brittle (13 wounded – 8 stragglers), units showing large losses (Tharreau, Molitor shattered), will he be able to maintain the pressure on any trapped units, to stop them breaking past DAVOUT.

LANNES is weakened by detachments and has already fought battles, how much more can be done.

MOUTON is still back at AUGSBURG struggling along the muddy roads.

The Emperor looks longingly at BRAUNAU on the map, only 4 short hexes to cut Austrian supply lines, but it would stir up a hornets' nest if there are three corps there and could DAVOUT and MASSENA hold the trap closed ?

What to do ????

Reorganised LANNES/MASSENA, sent MASSENA back one hex with his most damaged units, Tharreau and Molitor, transferred artillery to LANNES (LANNES is sending his Art. to DAVOUT) and also St. Cyr Inf. to LANNES. LANES ordered forward just beyond LANDSHUT to drive back Austrian I Reserve Corps.

The object of these transfers is to relieve the 'brittle' MASSENA of some of his undamaged units and send him back to recover with his remaining 'brittle/wavering' units, hopefully clear of the action (cancelled 'To the Guns'). Whilst rebuilding LANNES with the best remaining units of the damaged II and IV Corps, sending him after the Austrians with 'To the Guns' selected, so that he will come to MASSENA's aid if he cannot disengage.

Hopefully I will have salvaged one good corps, with a still confident commander (LANNES), out of the wreckage of battle, to chase the Austrians, whilst giving MASSENA and the most damaged units time to recover. The problem is that the Austrians are still near (same hex) and can this reorganisation take place with the enemy so close, but the expectation is that they are also damaged and just want to get away.

NAPOLEON has left DAVOUT and attached to LEFEBVRE, who is confronting elements of three Austrian corps at STRAUBING and needs NAPOLEON's attributes, whilst DAVOUT waits for replacement artillery and cavalry, which have been transferred to his III Corps, so he will first watch the roads from DEGGENDORF and PASSAU, then advance when fully restored.

DAVOUT is ordered forward with 2 infantry divs. to support the exposed Demont Inf., whilst leaving Friant and Hillaire at LANDAU to safeguard his retreat. Just what NAPOLEON was trying to avoid has happened, the striking power of DAVOUT's III Corps has been broken up by detachments. This must be rectified ASAP as the army concentrates again after the first battles and the remaining units arrive from AUGSBURG, if CHARLES gives the time, how damaged is he, FOW clouds the answer.

There is so much more that I wanted to do whilst the Austrians are off-balance, but to send damaged corps into more action, immediately, invites disaster.

There has been a lot of heart searching over this situation and CotD has provided fascinating options, as the depth of the strategic possibilities are enormous.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/22/2019 4:07:19 PM)

Here are the battles at STRAUBING and LANDSHUT on the 20th April 1809 :


LEFEBVRE beat off CHARLES' 'hasty assault' on STRAUBING with a 'counter attack' and inflicted significant losses, but it is good to see that the AI Coalition is moving CHARLES around the campaign map, to make best use of his better attributes, although this was an ill-advised attack on LEFEBVRE who has things well in hand at STRAUBING.

Meanwhile, MASSENA took over the defence of LANDSHUT from the damaged LANNES and, although he won a victory, it was at some cost. LIECHTENSTEIN's 'frontal assault' was beaten off with a 'counter attack', but the losses were significant on both sides even though MASENNA has 'excellent execution' and artillery in open terrain, whilst LIECHTENSTEIN had none.

However, the experience of FOW on battle results means that LIECHTENSTEIN's loses may have been worse than posted and hopefully there should be some respite on this front to restore the damage.

I am showing the 'battle completed' screens, so the unit counters don't indicate the initial deployment, but only after routed units have been removed. The info box top left, shows the starting forces and commanders for each battle.

The scenario is set at 'Hidden Enemy' and FOW is powerful this game, but the Austrians have been throwing themselves at my positions for several turns now and surely they must be suffering, if only I had the spare force to push them, I am sure they would give way, but ....... again !

Such a simple game, but so much to think about.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (5/22/2019 6:53:46 PM)

To re-cap this the 'Invasion of Bavaria', against the AI Coalition/Austrians, with 'Hidden Enemy' FOW.

NAPOLEON has decided to maintain a forward defence for political reasons to avoid allowing too much Bavarian territory to fall under Austrian control, otherwise he may lose the loyalty of the other allies, such as Saxony and Wurttemburg.

House Rules have removed VANDAMME's corps to cover a revolt in the Tyrol and Archduke John's threatened advance from Italy, using mountain passes held open by the rebels. BERNADOTTE's IX Corps will not be used, as Prussia has mobilised and is massing on the borders, therefore BERNADOTTE's Saxon divisions are needed at home.

This has balanced the scenario against the AI, as there is a shortage of French and Allied forces to face the Austrian invasion and the whole French army has not been able to concentrate in the forward position, as there has been constant rain and the roads are deep in mud, slowing movement.

There have been disagreements with his commanders, principally DAVOUT who wanted a cautious approach and was subsequently proved correct in the loss of the III Corps artillery.

NAPOLEON is forced uncomfortably and uncharacteristically onto the defensive, but he is determined to meet the scenario requirement to capture VIENNA, or destroy the Austrian army, even if it means great frustration during these early days.

The Austrian Invasion of Bavaria has been met close to the border and seems to have been held, at some cost to both sides, time and weather will decide what happens next.

The Emperor grumbles that the real thing was easier than this cursed game, but wait until the Imperial Guard arrives, then things will change.


Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 11:36:35 AM)

V3.06 should be out anytime and it is likely that this game cannot be continued in the new update, but it has thrown up some interesting situations and proceeding through some more turns.

Remembering that this scenario has been played with some French corps 'parked' out of the action, initially VANDAMME and BERNADOTTE, to provide more challenge as Napoleon, without changing 'Handicap Levels' and, therefore keeping near an historical balance of unit capability.

Even with reduced forces, NAPOLEON has chosen a forward posture to defend as much of Bavaria as possible, but this has placed a great strain on the army and delayed the closing up of additional units arriving through ULM.

The first Austrian advances seem to have been beaten off, sometimes spectacularly well by LEFEBVRE at STRAUBING, sometimes not so convincingly by LANNES and MASSENA at LANDSHUT, but despite the continuing and rain muddy roads, the time to shift into attack is near.


21st April – Weather, raining, roads muddy

NAPOLEON has reached LEFEBVRE at STRAUBING, where he has been spectacularly holding back three Austrian corps, but there are no further Austrian attacks.

DAVOUT has reached the exposed Demont infantry, East of LANDAU, and the Austrian IV Corps has retreated. DAVOUT's units show very little loss, except for the unfortunate loss of the III Corps artillery, left exposed on the road to DEGGENDORF, as other III Corps units chased the retreating Austrians on the road to PASSAU.

This is the risk of using an 'Engage' contact stance, as units are likely to ignore the ordered objective to keep after the enemy units, wherever they go. I normally use 'Defend' contact stance to avoid losing control of units advancing into enemy territory. This time I got careless, having used 'Engage' to bring CHARLES to battle in the previous turn, I should have been more cautious in following up. I thought the Austrians where in retreat, which they were, but as will be shown on the following turns, they are capable of striking back at any vulnerable units.

It took me a while to understand that they are retreating, but not broken.

MASSENA successfully pulled back from LANDSHUT with his most damaged units. He will be near LOC/Hospital recently moved to FREISING, no replacements are available right now, but it will make it easier for recovered wounded to rejoin IV Corps units.

MASSENA himself is still 'brittle', but recovering, his personal stress is reducing, whilst his units are also improving, I have ordered 'Rest Day', with IV Corps having 10 points wounded (each point 500 men), but they should return over time.

LANNES, with his augmented corps (he has been given MASSENA's good units), is firmly in possession of LANDSHUT, with not interference from the Austrians. LANNES also has 10 wounded, but hopefully they will gradually return.

LEFEBVRE has some losses and stragglers, but has held STRAUBING and longer seems to be under direct threat.

Orders repeated to send Marulaz cavalry and artillery from LANNES, at LANDSHUT, to DAVOUT to rebuild III Corps.

MOUTON's leading units of the Imperial Guard are nearing FREISING, struggling along the muddy roads. NAPOLEON desperately needs these elite troops.

Bruyer cavalry, of the reserve units, is approaching MUNICH to help cover this city and the Southern flank.

Supply remains under computer control, but I have ordered 300 supply points from AUGSBURG to FREISING (max available by house rule), to speed up the building of the new LOC depot in that town.


General situation :

I still have the forward position and weathered the initial Austrian advances, which seem to have subsided. Holding STRAUBING/LANDAU/LANDSHUT/MUNICH with no pressure today from CHARLES, who seems to be licking his wounds. Another two, or three, days will see MOUTON in full support and the army can start advancing.

The Austrians haven't gone far, but they are not advancing.

Could I have done more – MASSENA's unfortunate loss at LANDSHUT means that I cannot risk further big losses.

NAPOLEON sees BRAUNAU/SCHAERDING/PASSAU as the blocking points to Austrian supply, leaving only KLATTAU/BUDWEIS open for them and thereby channelling their movements. The Emperor would like to advance and take advantage of the Austrian retreat, but the weather and roads are not in his favour.

Sent 100 supply each from NURNBURG and DONAUWORTH to LOC FRIESING, good that you can make supply inputs, whilst still leaving the supply system under computer control. This relieves the player from the micro-management of supply, but allows intervention whenever you want. Starting to move supply forward, hopefully for the army to advance.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 12:16:33 PM)

The Victory screen for 21st April 1809 still shows the French ahead, but the loss ratio is now not so good after MASSENA's battle to hold LANDSHUT. He succeeded, but the cost was high, so even a good commander can have a bad day at the office.

I played the turn again, the losses were avoided and the town still held, so there is a realistic uncertainty in the game and not just a matter of playing the odds, which you see in many games.

NAPOLEON needs to destroy the Austrian Coalition army, but not at the cost of losing his own army.


Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 12:45:23 PM)

April 22nd 1809 – Weather raining – roads muddy

Turn Resolution :

Cavalry skirmish at 27,07 – map frozen so cannot see the hex, until cancelling info panel, then map is free – but looks like CHAM, with St Sulpice against Fresnel, Austrian I Corps cavalry – click PBEM/Playback icon to continue turn resolution.

St Sulpice re-enters CHAM, intercepts 36 Austrian supply points

Message - Enemy division forced back at 27.07 CHAM (Fresnel ??)

It's difficult to follow what is going on during turn resolutions, as you cannot easily see which hex the message panels are referring to, until turn resolution is over and the message screens have been cancelled, then you have lost the info, unless you take a screen shot.


Sent the captured supplies from CHAM to LOC FREISING

MOUTON (Guard) now given the objective LANDAU.

The Austrian are retreating from LANNES at LANDSHUT, so sent him on towards BRAUNAU (set 'regular' march/'defend' stance) to 30,18, from where Legrand is coming from MUNICH and can re-join (but not just yet).

Now only 5 Austrian units are visible outside STRAUBING and they have made no further attack, also they did not dispute CHAM, where St Sulpice is in good condition (but left at 'fallback' stance).

It looks like the Austrians are in retreat on all fronts.

MASSENA, near FREISING, has 3 Inf Divs which are all now 'steady', including MASSENA himself, 10 points Corps wounded to return (Tharreau 8/Boudet 2), order one more 'rest day' (NAPOLEON still has no more replacements).

Supply at ULM (329), sent 300 (house rules limit) to LOC FREISING, which only has 107, although more on the way.

Supply at AUGSBURG (1659), sent 300 (house rules limit) to LOC FREISING

Supply at NURNBURG (400), sent 100 (house rules limit ) to LOC FREISING

Montbrun VII Corps cavalry has remained detached and is heading for LANDSHUT, repeated re-attach order back to LEFEBVRE. I had ordered LEFEBVRE to retire from STRAUBING towards LANDSHUT, but now the Austrians are retreating and NAPLOEON has joined LEFEBVRE in STRAUBING, so ordered that the town be held, Montbrun seems to have missed all this and is heading for LANDSHUT.

Checked the stack at STRAUBING to ensure no Austrian units were still in the town, there are none.

DAVOUT has not yet moved towards DEGGENDORF, but two detached infantry divisions (Friant/Hilaire) still hold LANDAU.

All corps are well supplied LEFEBVRE has (90), but more is coming.

There have been significant losses in holding a forward position, but all Austrian attacks seem to have been beaten off and NAPOLEON is holding the important crossings at STRAUBING and LANDAU, whilst pushing out from LANDSHUT, MASSENA is recovering and can soon have his corps rebuilt.

IX Corps BERNADOTTE arriving in 11 days, but under what-if house rules, will not to be used.

Rouyer/Gency (NAPOLEON Reserve) forced march to LANDAU.


Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 1:08:22 PM)

April 23 1809 – Weather raining – roads muddy

Turn Resolution :

Cavalry skirmish at 27,07

Enemy division forced back at 27.07 CHAM

NAPOLEON has one replacement available (save for artillery)

Battle at 27,11 at STRAUBING

KIENMEYER attacking STRAUBING has communication problems, NAPOLEON himself commands the battle with an increased bonus to all French units.

I was wrong, the Austrians are not retreating and KIENMAYER throws in his II Reserve Corps with a 'frontal assault' in an attempt to take STRAUBING, where CHARLES has failed. I had sent NAPLOEON to STRAUBING and changed the orders to ensure the town was held, Montbrun returned in time to join the battle and NAPOLEON responds with a strong 'counter attack', inflicting serious casualties on the Austrians with all the IIR units Rohan, Vacsay, Argentau and IIR Artillery being routed (losses as shown 23), whilst French losses are low (4)

Inset in the image below are the results of KIENMEYER's doomed attack on STRAUBING.

'View Units' shows LEFEBVRE's units are still in good condition, with only Ludwig infantry 'wavering', having suffered the greatest loss. LEFEBVRE has 6 stragglers/8 wounded in the repeated attacks on STRAUBING, how much longer can he hold out and how much more have the Austrians to throw in, surely they must have had enough by now.

LANNES is now facing 12 Austrian units of I RESERVE and V Corps on the River Roth.

Rouyer (was ordered to LANDAU – I may not have completed order routine and the order may not have happened ), so now is at FREISING, but could be used to rebuild MASSENA.

MOUTON's advanced units are reaching LANDSHUT.

Supply at AUGSBURG (1659) send another 300 (house rules limit) to LOC FREISING, the road AUGSBURG to FREISING is now free of MOUTON's corps, but note that moving supply causes wastage.

The Artillery transferred from LANNES to DAVOUT is now moving out of LANDSHUT, orders delay is having a big effect.

St Sulpice is still in CHAM, as the Austrians have made no serious attempt to dislodge him, the Austrian cavalry of Fresnel is in the same hex watching, but doing no more than skirmishing.

DAVOUT has not moved, is he sulking, because of our earlier disagreements ?

MASSENA and his 3 units are now all confident, so now to re-organise. His units are at the LOC and could receive replacements, but these will be needed later.


In the above image MASENNA is rebuilt and is rested with all units and himself confident and ready for battle, except that there is no artillery unit to spare. Once 'shattered', units are more likely to break again, so MASSENA needs to be used with some care.

Rouyer infantry, from NAPOLEON's reserve, is transfered to MASSENA to help complete his re-built corps.

Bruyer cavalry (detached) has just left MUNICH, so I could transfer him to LANNES, who already has two other cavalry units, so I can afford to transfer Colbert from LANNES to MASSENA (the 'view units' panel in the image above shows the re-built corps). MASSENA has no artillery, as I am short after DAVOUT's loss of the III Corps Artillery, but MASSENA will be used in a supporting role.

With units closing up to the front I need a plan.

If DAVOUT reaches PASSAU than the only retreat back to VIENNA for CHARLES is via KLATTAU/BUDWEIS, or fight. DAVOUT was ordered through LANDAU with a view to moving on DEGGENDORF, but has not moved, has the order been lost, will another order confuse things ?

LANDAU seems safe with two detached inf divs in place, MOUTON is getting closer, MASSENA is available to support LANNES, so is now the time to launch DAVOUT, have the Austrian attacks spent their force ?

The Emperor decides that it is time to move to the offensive, supplies are moving forward, the army is nearly concentrated, the Austrians have suffered large casualties in attempting to force the river crossings, especially at STRAUBING, surely now is the time to strike back, before they can recover.

DAVOUT only has three infantry divisions actually with him and the replacement artillery and cavalry have not yet arrived, but he has only to threaten the Austrians supply line and retreat path to make them consider a general retreat to avoid encirclement.

At least that's how it looks sitting in miserable Inn at STRAUBING, the streets clogged with the debris of several failed Austrian attacks, the troops gazing watchfully at the DANUBE bridge and the rain pouring out of the guttering. How could it get much worse. How long should he stay with LEFEBVRE, is the crisis over at STRAUBING and can he move on the the front and the road to VIENNA, the Schoenbrunn Palace is going to be more comfortable than this wretched Inn.

NAPOLEON issues his orders and the messengers splash out onto the flooded roads.

MASSENA to join and support LANNES
LANNES confronting IR and V Austrian Corps towards BRAUNAU
MOUTON en-route to LANDAU
St Sulpice at CHAM has not been threatened and could operate into the Austrian rear, towards KLATTAU, or DEGGENDORF

The route along the North bank of the Danube to REGENSBERG is open to the Austrians, unless they can be induced to retire.

Bruyer and Legrand, detached and moving from MUNICH, have no access to supplies and are foraging, so must keep a check on their condition. Several of the units are not in direct supply as they are more than 1 hex from any command.

Engineers ordered to LANDAU

Consider moving LOC to LANDAU, to be nearer the possible battle area, but moving reduces the efficiency.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 1:46:27 PM)

April 24 1809 – Weather raining, roads still muddy

Turn Resolution :

Enemy Division forced back at 33,15


Sometimes I forget to 'Send Order' and complete the order process, which maybe why some units are not responding.

These last few turns have been fought out in the mud, as the rain is unrelenting

Austrian V, VI, II, IR (elements of 4 corps) 16 units moving BRAUNAU on LANDAU !!!!!! DAVOUT is in danger !

Friant/Hilaire to 29,15 to cover DAVOUT

MOUTON passing LANDSHUT, GUARD cavalry is 2 hexes from LANDAU, NAPOLEON needs to move to LANDAU, as surely STRAUBING is safe.

MOUTON forced march to DEGGENDORF.

LANNES has reached the MUNICH road and Lebrun and Bruyer can be transferred to LANNES. That restores LANNES infantry power and makes up for losing Colbert cavalry.

Risking sending Marulaz across the front of the Austrian advance (forced march) to rejoin DAVOUT.

DAVOUT's supply is taking the same route, hopefully LANNES can slow the Austrians down.

Too late to send NAPOLEON through to DAVOUT, I almost did that last turn and he may have met the Austrians.

NAPOLEON's last turn assessment, 'Austrians appear to be retreating' !! How wrong was that, the Austrians are far from finished and are striking back.


Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 2:39:27 PM)

April 25 1809 – Weather raining, roads still muddy

Turn Resolution :

Enemy Division driven back at 34,14 (DAVOUT pushing onto PASSAU road).

III Corps artillery to join Friant/Hilaire.

LANNES has split Austrian VI/IR from V/II Corps, 16 units from stack numbers possibly 'in the bag', but still an escape route through SCHRAEDING, 7 Austrian left at BRAUNAU.

St Sulpice ordered to 31,10, near DEGGENDORF.

GUARD cavalry well ahead near DEGGENDORF and NAPOLEON decides to leave STRAUBING to attach to MOUTON (GUARD).

Victory points 55/134 (Austrians 1 shattered) Confidence French 3/ Austrian 2.

(100) supply from LOC FREISING to LANDAU, preparation for LOC move to LANDAU.
(100) supply from NURNBURG to LOC FREISING.

VANDAMME (parked) has not taken any more supply, so 'what-if' working OK.

MOUTON (Guard) has become badly strung out on the 'forced march' and leading units have run into 11 units of Austrian I and II R Corps in front of DEGGENDORF. The threat to STRAUBING must be over, if the Austrians are concentrating on DEGGENDORF, but MOUTON has been reduced to 'regular' march and given an objective short of DEGGENDORF, whilst his corps closes up. NAPOLEON will be joining him soon.

There is a huge opportunity opening up to cut-off a large number of Austrian units, but there are also huge dangers to isolated French units.


The Austrians are not retreating, but are moving to entrap DAVOUT who is holding an exposed advanced position, but that was when we were chasing the Austrians. Now the situation has reversed, with large Austrian forces pushing through DEGENDORF and a similar force moving from BRAUNAU towards DAVOUT.

If the Emperor, with MOUTON, can move quickly enough to reach DAVOUT, supported by LEFEBVRE and LANNES can break through to SCHAERDING, supported by MASSENA from LANDSHUT, there will be many Austrian who will could be trapped.

However, the rain keeps falling and the roads are in a bad state for quick manoeuvres.

Look at DEGGENDORF where a French supply convoy (3426 ??) points is headed for NEUMARKT. I don't know what that is, or if it is anything that I have done, but I don't know where it has come from.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 3:25:30 PM)

April 26 1809 – Weather raining, roads muddy

Turn Resolution : Messages

Cavalry skirmish at 32,11 DEGGENDORF

Morand, III Corps, captures 76 supplies

Enemy division forced back at 32,11 DEGGENDORF

Battle 12 miles from PASSAU, DAVOUT gets good execution, CHARLES is making frontal assault, DAVOUT has no artillery so chosen to defend. Open country so artillery will be effective, so not selecting 'counter-attack', but decide to 'defend'.

Battle goes 3 rounds, 'defend' was a good choice as DAVOUT matches the battle intensity (2/3/4) of CHARLES' 'frontal assault'. CHARLES' attacking infantry divisions (Vogelsang/Ulm) are routed against DAVOUT's firm defence. Loses - French 5/ Austrian 23

MOUTON's advanced units reached DEGGENDORF, but Austrian II R Corps withdrew, or were driven back over the river to the safety of the North bank. NAPOLEON is with MOUTON and has rejoined his beloved GUARD.

NAPOLEON's replacements up to 5, must keep some back to cover any artillery losses. Engineers to LANDAU (again), what am I doing wrong.

Main Austrian visible concentrations BRAUNAU (7), near LANDAU (15)

CHARLES had attempted to stop DAVOUT from splitting the Austrian forces at PASSAU

MASSENA is joining LANNES for an assault on BRAUNAU

LEFEBVRE can cross the Danube at STRAUBING and operate on the Northern bank, with St Sulpice manoeuvring from CHAM to cover his flank.

I want to move LOC forward, but LANDAU is still in the front-line

An Austrian concentration has closed in behind DAVOUT's corps, but DAVOUT has a retreat path to DEGGENDORF, DAVOUT is weak after unit detachments, but the units with him are still confident although tired, they will need relief very soon. Not sure what happened to DAVOUT's supply convoy, because he now only has (39), did it get intercepted ?

The Austrians mainly managed to slip past DEGGENDORF and out of any trap. MOUTON's units moved quickly at the end, but not quite quickly enough, as the Austrians did not wait to fight the GUARD.

The ease with which the GUARD units were able to push into DEGGENDORF, brushing aside the I and II R Corps units, with merely a skirmish, suggests that these Austrian units are broken and are the debris of the failed attacks on LEFEBVRE at STRAUBING. Two Austrian cavalry divisions are still in DEGGENDORF with Nansouty's IMPERIAL GUARD cuirassiers, Dorsenne elite grenadiers kept up with the cavalry, still fresh and not badly fatigued by the forced march in these conditions, as befitting elite troops and are now just outside DEGGENDORF.

The GUARD will deny the North bank to the enemy.

NAPOLEON has constantly underestimated CHARLES' resolve to attack.

I have placed DAVOUT at risk again, but the army has now closed up into supporting range, despite the weather, although this has imposed some delay.

Orders delay has been a significant factor, GUARD advanced units did not receive the latest orders, that have to pass through corps command, which was way back on the road.

The arrival of the GUARD in DEGGENDORF has opened an escape route for DAVOUT

Marulaz transferred to DAVOUT III Corps

Engineers to blow Danube bridges above LINZ, but which ones DEGGENDORF ?

LEFEBVRE ordered to LANDAU as a Reserve (Defend/Regular) and now has a balanced corps with Montbrun cavalry reattached (Montbrun left for LANDSHUT by himself during an Austrian attack on STRAUBING, but was ordered back in time for CHARLES' last failed assault on the town.

St Sulpice remains detached on the North bank (CHAM to DEGGENDORF) to watch for Austrian flanking movements

Doing some house keeping ensuring that detached units are re-attached to their parent corps after the reorganisation of LANNES and MASSENA and after the chaos of the battles around LANDSHUT, before the advance through BRAUNAU.

DAVOUT is short of supply (35), with his next supply convoy just leaving LOC FREISING, however the GUARD has captured (43) at DEGGENDORF, so DAVOUT is ordered to use DEGGENDORF as a depot and use up the supply, until the regular supply arrives.

I am using 'computer controlled supply', which works quite well, freeing the player to work on higher matters and is realistic for the era, whilst still allowing some human control where necessary, overall a nice historical balance.

The big problem is that DAVOUT's corps has been split

MOUTON (Guard) sent to 'forced march' to assist DAVOUT and hopefully close the trap on the Austrian units (15) that are between the rivers near LANDAU. Gency (NAPOLEON's Reserve) sent to DEGGENDORF to cover the crossing about to be vacated by the GUARD.

From LANDAU (when he gets there) LEFEBVRE can cover the crossing and the centre if the Austrians try to break through.

Situation is not ideal with DAVOUT split and vulnerable, but the best that can be done right now. The Emperor is expecting that the Austrians are damaged after the battles for the crossings and only intent on escaping, but he has been wrong before.


The good news is that the GUARD has eliminated the threat from DEGGENDORF and DAVOUT is in a good state to hold his position, he has a little fatigue, but his units are confident after beating off a frontal assault and routing most of the Austrian units from the field, even though some of his divisions have not yet been able to rejoin.

DAVOUT should be able to hold his position, but can the rest of the army move quickly enough, on these roads, to close a trap on the Austrian units still in danger.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 3:43:26 PM)

April 27 1809 – Weather raining, roads muddy

Turn Resolution :

Morand from DAVOUT's III Corps captures supply (74), DAVOUT is exposed, but is obviously sitting on the Austrian supply line

Morand from DAVOUT's III Corps captures another supply (78)

Now Austrian 17 units between the rivers, which DAVOUT is blocking.

I need to get supplies forward and want to make LANDAU the LOC, but it is very close to the front, with Austrian units only two hexes away. Not happy, but order LOC and hospital to LANDAU.

MOUTON (Guard), with NAPOLEON attached, are now 2 hexes from DAVOUT's exposed position, close enough for NAPOLEON to provide a bonus to all fighting units and command any battle here. The GUARD will provide a further bonus if they are involved in battle. So things are improving by the hour and by tomorrow the position should be secure.

A much needed supply convoy (86) is travelling with the Emperor and will save DAVOUT who is now down to (13).

Montbrun is not reattaching to LEFEBVRE, so orders repeated.

III Corps Art, Friant and Hilaire reattached to DAVOUT.

MOUTON has been dropped to 'regular' as they approach a potential battle, so that the GUARD units will arrive better organised.

LANNES has the support of MASSENA and needs to try and break through BRAUNAU to close the trap at SCHAERDING.


Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 3:52:18 PM)

April 28 1809 – Weather clear at last, but roads still muddy

Turn Resolution : Messages

Morand from DAVOUT's III Corps captures supply (97), this is all supply now not reaching the Austrian units near LANDAU.

3 enemy divisions forced back at 30,18


The rain has stopped, but the roads still muddy, is this a sign of more favourable conditions for the march on VIENNA.

NAPOLEON has 7 replacements

Send (100) supply points from NURNBURG to LOC LANDAU.
Send (100) supply points DONAUWORTH to LOC LANDAU.

This is to get the new LOC at LANDAU up and running more quickly.

The three enemy divisions forced back at 30,18 was at BRAUNAU, where the Austrians attempted to cross the river where LANNES and MASSENNA are assembling. The good point is that they were so weak that they could not force a battle and the computer resolved it as skirmish with the Austrians immediately fleeing back across to BRUANAU, which is LANNES' and MASSENA's objective, so there should not be a tough defence of the town (both corps set to'engage'), with LANNES directed on the road to SCHAERDING and MASSENA the road to LAMBACH, after the crossing.

Gency is at DEGGENDORF, as a covering force, St Sulpice sent on towards PASSAU.


MOUTON with NAPOLEON to close ring at 35,16, MOUTON has (113) supplies if he becomes cut off.


NAPOLEON with MOUTON and the Guard have reached a position to support DAVOUT, to find that he is not there, he has moved off towards LANDAU to recombine his corps with the units which have been trying to rejoin, but were prevented by Austrian movements. There is a tendency for corps commanders to move towards isolated corps units, it was strong in v3.04, but moderated in v3.05, but still happens. It is best not to try and 'reattach' units until they are close to the parent corps to stop this move towards isolated units.

Stack numbers show that there is still a significant group of enemy units which could be trapped, if the French can move fast enough.

LEFEBVRE is in a central position and can support in either direction.

So far, so good.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 4:28:11 PM)

April 29 1809 – Weather rain, roads still muddy

Turn Resolution : Messages

Dorsenne from MOUTON's Guard Corps captures supply (99),

LANNES takes BRAUNAU with (69) supplies

1 enemy division forced back at 33,19

Marulaz forced to retreat at 31,15

Raining again, roads still muddy and CHARLES decides to hold at PASSAU, where MOUTON and NAPOLEON have followed the retreating Austrians. They clash at PASSAU with CHARLES' forces, which have moved down the North bank of the DANUBE and are now trying to hold the crossing open for the Austrian units in danger of encirclement on the South bank. MOUTON is now set to 'engage' and NAPOLEON should have a full selection of battle stance options.

CHARLES has an infantry advantage, but NAPOLEON has the GUARD divisions of elite troops and a large cavalry and artillery advantage. The Emperor decides on a 'frontal assault' as his initial thoughts of an 'escalating assault' may have allowed the Austrians to escape during the low intensity early battle rounds, but it is in a town

In the battle for PASSAU, MOUTON under NAPOLEON's command gets 'excellent execution'.


BELLEGARDE has Implementation failure
ROSENBURG has Implementation failure
HILLER has slight command failure

CHARLES has decided to 'defend in depth', which turns out to be a serious mistake, as a 'withdrawal' may have allowed some of his units to escape, but a 'defence in depth' suffered the full force of the GUARD, fighting in front of their Emperor. The result is a devastating defeat for CHARLES ( 33 losses out of 39) and very light losses for the GUARD (1).

Dorsenne and Lauriston 'marched to the guns' and arrived in Round 2, as did Fresnel for the Austrians, only to be routed off the field with the other Austrian units. All French corps set to 'march to the gun's.

Victory screen shows the result of the EMPEROR's wrath after so many days of terrible weather and the frustration of being forced onto the defensive. NAPOLEON will show no mercy.

CHARLES was using parts of three corps, are they so disorganised by earlier defeats ?

If the French can get to SCHAERDING, very few Austrians will escape. 20 units (visible) are in danger if SCHAERDING falls to the NAPOLEON.

DAVOUT has regained contact with all his units and is no longer split. He now has a full strength corps with artillery transferred from II Corps, which has been given a replacement point to add to its strength. Because I have lost an artillery unit, I will use replacements to keep the available artillery units up to strength. DAVOUT is now well supplied (179)

Decision on the River Inn ! Can these Austrian units be destroyed and the EMPEROR move on to VIENNA, but there are another (16) Austrian units visible North of PASSAU.

Engineers at DEGGENDORF available to blow bridge if required, but I don't think that it will be necessary now, as CHARLES had to fight at PASSAU with units from three different corps.

LEFEBVRE has the Austrians near LANDAU blocked from the West. Repositioned Engineers to right side of river at DEGGENDORF, if they do blow the bridge they don't want to be left on the wrong side !

LANNES and MASSENNA easily pushed over the river INN at BRAUNAU, against weak opposition and I had intended that MASSENA should head for LAMBACH, to seize the river crossing there and make sure of the Austrian entrapment, whilst LANNES turned towards SCHAERDING to close the inner ring. However, MASSENA was set to 'engage' so chose to follow the retreating Austrians with LANNES. I had suspected that it would be an easy crossing, so should have left LANNES at 'engage', whilst MASSENA at 'defend' would have followed orders and headed for LAMBACH.

Choice of orders can be very important and needs some thought, before committing to action.


Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 4:50:59 PM)

April 30 1809 – weather Clear, roads muddy

Turn Resolution : Messages

Cavalry overrun at 36,17

Battle at PASSAU chose 'feint attack', got 'withdrawal', because MOUTON's contact stance is set at 'engage'
Only went to one Round, but Dorsenne Guard infantry is routed and Curial arrived just in time for the French. Losses French 4/Austrian 2. All 4 French casualties are wounded and so may be able to return to their units, moving the Hospital forward to LANDAU might help, reducing the travel time, but there will inevitably be a delay in restoring the Guard units.

CHARLES is not finished, the Battle of PASSAU unexpectedly goes into a second day, NAPOLEON was not expecting a second battle after the huge losses suffered by CHARLES the day before.

CHARLES using IV Corps, better organised, but no cavalry, NAPOLEON has a cavalry advantage, but less artillery.

CHARLES' defence has stopped MOUTON closing the trap and the Austrians are beginning to escape to the East.

Clever strategy from the AI, pinned NAPOLEON defensively, but didn't risk casualties in major battle.


Rasputitsa -> RE: Campaigns on the Danube AAR with House Rules (7/31/2019 4:58:56 PM)

Here is the overall view of 30th April turn :


The cavalry overrun at 36,17 seems to be d'Espange of LANNES corps, but I don't know what was overrun, LANNES cavalry seems intact.

The second day of battle at PASSAU wasn't a big event, losses were small, but an Imperial Guard division was routed and NAPOLEON's next moves will be blunted, while he restores his GUARD corps, just when quick action was required. CHARLES had an advantage in artillery and a more aggressive battle stance by NAPOLEON could have caused more GUARD casualties. It might have caused many more loses to throw the GUARD against cannon and NAPOLEON's cavalry advantage could not swing the balance. The GUARD is too precious to throw away needlessly, which highlights the replacement of elite troops and how easy, or not, that should be.

NAPOLEON has consistently misjudged CHARLES' will to fight, expecting that the Austrians were retreating, which is the case on most of the battlefield, but not at PASSAU. Three turns back the Austrian forces on the North bank of the DANUBE were thought to be of 'little threat', retreating after the unsuccessful attempts to take STRAUBING and easily trounced by the GUARD at DEGGENDORF, how wrong was that ?

The 'engage' contact stance has drawn MOUTON over the Danube from PASSAU, into a confrontation with several Austrian units, from which it may be difficult to withdraw. Must use the 'engage' stance with more care, as it has caused unexpected situations to develop. MOUTON (GUARD) himself now has high stress and gone to 'fallback' on his own initiative.

DAVOUT has moved West in consolidating the previously split components of his corps, this has allowed the Austrians to close in behind NAPOLEON in PASSAU. NAPOLEON, with MOUTON (Guard), are now in a difficult position, surrounded at PASSAU, so some concerted action by DAVOUT and NAPOLEON will be needed to restore the situation. Do micro chips have feelings, DAVOUT has been through a bad time with poor orders, but is he now getting his own back ? [X(]

From stack numbers, 10 units of Austrian II and V Corps are out of the encirclement, whilst 14 more might still be caught if LANNES can close the gap, with d'Espagne cavalry leading the charge.

NAPOLEON/MOUTON have to hold out in PASSAU the keep the two halves of the Austrian army split and prevent escape over the DANUBE, but the rest of the French army needs to close in and finish the entrapment quickly, otherwise the Emperor may be going to the Schφnbrunn Palace, not in triumph, but in chains !

So the trap has not closed yet, the rain continues to fall, the roads are awash and anything could happen, time to take a breath and rethink strategy, what a game.

The what-if house rule of 'parking' some French corps (VANDAMME and BERNADOTTE) has certainly delivered a more challenging game, but the AI has been no slouch, credit where credit is due. [8D]

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