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rkr1958 -> 3.0.1 Vichy France Surprise Still Gets Notional (4/29/2019 3:05:36 AM)

1. US, CW and Free France declared war on Vichy this impulse.

2. The CW ground struck a couple of targets inside of Metropolitan Vichy France, which made Vichy hostile to the CW.

3. The US (and CW) invaded hexes in Metropolitan Vichy France, making Vichy hostile to the US.

4. The allied invasion of Toulon (SW of Nice) is invading against 0 notionals and is, therefore automatic. But Toulon is out of supply, so even if Vichy wasn't surprised there would still be 0 notionals.

5. The other two allied invasion stacks are invading clear hexes, with no adjacent to axis corps, during fine weather and with all units invading from either the 3 or 4 sea-box. However, both invasion hexes get 1 notional during this surprise impulse.

Is this correct? Or is this a bug?

Either way, don't worry about a game file just yet. I've got two other issues with the invasion of Vichy, which I know are bugs and which I'll provide game files in separate posts.


Courtenay -> RE: 3.0.1 Vichy France Surprise Still Gets Notional (4/29/2019 6:01:47 AM)

The one strength notionals are not bugs. The notional strength in both cases is:

1 (base) + 1 (major power in home country) - 1 (surprise) = 1.

Vichy France may not feel like a major power, but it is.

What I can't figure out is why Toulon is zero. Nice is a supply source, and it is adjacent. (The invading units have no ZOC the invasion impulse.)

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