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bladesinger79 -> Turret Traverse (4/23/2019 11:04:33 AM)

How do I turn the turret of a vehicle to face a certain direction without pivoting the vehicle's direction along with it?

Major_Mess -> RE: Turret Traverse (4/24/2019 1:40:20 AM)

From the Field manual that is bundled with the Enhanced D/L in my signature.

When you aim and fire at a target using the:
 Left-click - the Hull of the Tank will pivot to face the target with the Turret facing forward.
 "T" Target key - the Hull will remain in place and only the Turret will swing towards the target.

To pivot the Hull while leaving the Turret on its present target, Right-click on a Hex that is in the direction you wish the Hull to face.



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