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r6kunz -> Larry's ARVN B-52s (4/17/2019 2:31:45 AM)

Larry, did you infiltrate the ARVN?

Actually, I think this might have been a pretty major problem in the Vietnam Combat Operations. In scenarios #3-14, the ARVN battalions cannot be moved! They have an embedded B-52F.
Stéphane, in this excellent set of scenarios, with hundreds of slots with new equipment, has the B-52F and US Advisory Teams in adjacent slots. So in place of an advisory team, the ARVN had an embedded B-52F. A fix is on the way.

(Larry, I was glad to have you guys. Arc Lights around An Loc SMA. Thanks )


Lobster -> RE: Larry's ARVN B-52s (4/17/2019 2:34:05 AM)

Imagine trying to move those things through the hills and vegetation. [:D]

StuccoFresco -> RE: Larry's ARVN B-52s (4/17/2019 7:37:57 AM)


larryfulkerson -> RE: Larry's ARVN B-52s (4/19/2019 6:38:38 PM)

Just use a lot of logs and keep moving the ones at the rear to the front. Film the whole thing and use the extra's to pull it with ropes. You'll have a lot of trees to cut down to allow the wings room to pass. But that's where the logs come from. It's a win-win. Call it a documentary.

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