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Zovs -> CFNA 1 Day Turns (Mod) - Don (Axis) vs Ken (CW) (4/16/2019 4:44:46 PM)

So Ken (Marmadukethe1st) asked if I wanted a game and he also sent me his modified version of CFNA that uses 1 day turns using the March start lines.

So at first I told him maybe we can do something smallish, and after putzing around trying to find the right one for me to get my feet wet again, I just said what the hey and jumped into CFNA, why not?

So the first turn is not terribly exciting, most of the Italians on in reserve and the 21st and 5th are just moving east a bit and chewing on a poor recce unit. I forgot to take a screen shot and this most likely will be slow with me doing 2-3 turns a week. We shall see how for this AAR goes.

Tentative plan is just move east, Tobruck and El Alamein would be nice.

Zovs -> RE: CFNA 1 Day Turns (Mod) - Don (Axis) vs Ken (CW) (4/17/2019 1:33:50 PM)

So here we go it's March 27th 1941, during the first day (26th of March [this is a modified version of CFNA by Ken that uses day turns instead]) I sent the 21st Panzer towards El Gtafia along the road by way of Bires-Suera and located the British Armor recce unit along with some tank elements from the 2nd British Armored Division, and the 21st 'probed' them. It is now the second day of this campaign and the Italians that were in reserve have been placed out of reserve and ready for movement. During the playback I noticed that Ken actually moved some units forward, which is refreshing (when I did a quick dry run against the AI, Elmer fled the scene and even abandoned Benghazi).

So I may have been too aggressive, I think I took a bit more losses then I needed to, but we will see. I forgot to take a screenshot at the start of the turn but I did manage to get at least one before the turn ended.


Also, during playback I did notice some weird glitches with the artwork, anyone see this before, I don't recall seeing in TOAW III:



Marmadukethe1st -> RE: CFNA 1 Day Turns (Mod) - Don (Axis) vs Ken (CW) (4/28/2019 12:13:37 AM)


Glad you are having fun. I think I made a mistake in trying to rescue elements of the 2nd Arm Div. Monday morning quarterbacking.

I dare not post a screenie as I am the rabbit and you are the wolf at this point :)

Thanks to Bob Cross for making this all possible.


Zovs -> RE: CFNA 1 Day Turns (Mod) - Don (Axis) vs Ken (CW) (4/29/2019 1:13:53 PM)

So I am horrible at making AAR's and remembering to take screen shots. But here is the general idea of where we are at right now.

Probably giving away Intel but what is that amongst friends? Hint: Ken (No Peeking! lol)

End (or close to of turn 3)


Axis Turn 4 (3/29/1941)

The battle for North Africa begun, in earnest on the 25th of March (recall that this is a modified version of Bob Cross's CFNA 41-43 starting point with turns being day long turns, plus Ken did some other modifications to the scenario to reflect day long turns. I have a 1 in 4 chance of winning but it's about the play of the game isn't it?).

Current Force Proficiency is 95%
Current Supply Stockpile level is 25
Supply enhancement due to force transport asset sharing is 8
Effective Supply Capability is 33
Supply Radius is 25
Overextended supply threshold is 5
Theater Reconnaissance Capability is 6%

Air Briefing
0/0 aircraft lost
Axis Theater Air Superiority strength is 2
Allied Theater Air Superiority strength is 0
Axis Interdiction level is 1%
Allied Interdiction level is 0%

Allied previous turn:
Two bombardments against the 21st Pz HQ and a defending AT unit for 12% and 5% against (total of 17% loss).

Axis previous turn:
14 total battles (no screen shot sorry).

During this turn I further attempted to encircle the cut off British units west of Belindah.

Some screen shots:

I succeed in eliminating parts of the 2nd Armored Division, 1st and 3rd/KDGd, 3rd Hussars and the 3rd Arm Bde HQ in one battle. However, in the other against the 2nd/KDRd and 1/1 THRf the losses were in favor of the CW (11% to 8%) with no advance.

Zoomed out Axis starting positions of turn 4.

Zoomed in Axis starting positions of turn 4.

Zoomed in 'closing' the pockets...

Zoomed in after or near the end of turn 4.

14 total battles this turn (Axis only) and the results.

In total 17 battles took place, 15 of which were artillery softening up missions and 2 were land attacks. I don't think I caught the right screen shot one on this one.

Like I said not as great of an AAR as Warspite or Larry, but what the hey?

larryfulkerson -> RE: CFNA 1 Day Turns (Mod) - Don (Axis) vs Ken (CW) (4/29/2019 10:28:51 PM)


In total 17 battles took place, 15 of which were artillery softening up missions and 2 were land attacks. I don't think I caught the right screen shot one on this one.

Quick question: were the artillery bombardments BEFORE the land attacks, or during, or after, or... I'm just asking because I sometimes do before, and sometimes during, and I'm curious to know if it makes some kind of difference when you bombard.

Zovs -> RE: CFNA 1 Day Turns (Mod) - Don (Axis) vs Ken (CW) (4/29/2019 11:31:49 PM)


In this particular turn I moved and then fired off the arty first in several places, then performed another round of arty mixed with one or two land attacks (depends on the rounds being eaten via moves), then fired some more arty then attacked and then dug in/set reserve and flipped air and a last bombardment when I suspected the rounds would end.

I guess a tip for the new guys is move, plan attack’s but adjust per round time, depending on the scenario, situation and goal your trying to achieve.

Gotta love CFNA, I always love the ranged arty game, and battalions to regiments. But some times you gotta roll with the divisions and corps too. Lol

Zovs -> RE: CFNA 1 Day Turns (Mod) - Don (Axis) vs Ken (CW) (4/30/2019 1:41:09 PM)

Turn 5: March 30th, 1941

Force Proficiency 95%
Force Supply Stockpile: 25
Supply Enhancements: 8
Enemy Interdiction: 0%
Supply Capability: 33
Supply Radius: 25
Movement bias: 153%
ZOC: 100%
Supply Threshold: 5
Theater Recon: 6%

Combat Results from Turn 4:

End of Turn 5 Results by round:

Turn 5 at start:

Turn 5 at end:

Seems like I have trapped most of the 2nd Armored Division; the Division HQ, the 2nd RHA, the 1st Ranger battalion, the 5th and 6th RTR, the 1st/102 (NH) AT, the 2nd/1st THRf and also the 2/43rd Aus Inf battalion (9th Aus Div) and the 2nd/2/3 Aus AT and lastly the 24th Aus Bde HQ.

All total about 7 battalions, a company, a artillery regiment and two HQ's a division and Brigade HQ).

I see the 2/17th Aus Inf over near Giufel-Matar and they will be dealt with tomorrow.

My goal for 31 March will be Agadabia and Giuf el-Matar and beyond (if possible).

Marmadukethe1st -> RE: CFNA 1 Day Turns (Mod) - Don (Axis) vs Ken (CW) (5/2/2019 4:55:39 AM)


Congratulations on expert maneuver. You did bag 2nd Arm and I think I will listen to a Winston Churchill speech "We shall not flag or fail" kinda thing :)

My first instinct was to save units in trouble and I should have abandon them and ran like Forrest Gump. After my initial attempt at rescuing I had key units that froze from battle (the reorganize state) and that is what gave you the coup d'etat.

See you at Tobruk

Have fun


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