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Zovs -> First Dip Back In. . .AAR/review. . .lost and found. . . (4/15/2019 7:38:18 PM)

So it must be about around 2010 to 2014 or so since I have played TOAW III/COW etc (based on some files I had last edited on my HDD). I started with the very first version from TalonSoft by Norm Kruger (I believe it was just called TOAW back then) and then migrated over to COW and then TOAW III by Matrix Games.

Saw the AAR's for TOAW IV by a few folks (mainly Larry) and that inspired me to purchase TOAW IV for 30 bucks. Well worth the cost if your a fan of the TOAW series. Popped back into the forums here and see a lot of old names I used to sort of know (and also looked over at TDG and saw a few more names I recognized).

So I fired up the game, looked at the UI and then closed it. Then fired up the game poked around and then went through the monkey dance to get the proper files in place (mainly the messed up Custom folder which is missing in a default install of .20). Opened up the game again and poked around and started a few scenarios to look at them and messed around and then closed the game and started reading the manual here and and their and was like some of this sounds vaguely familiar and then.

Opened up the game/editor again and started saving some of my old favorites (all the McBride ones, I found a few that are downloadable from here and there, but I noticed a few missing ones I think, his Tobruk'41, El Alamein, Trappenjagd and possible two others: Hell's Highway and Hungary 1945, both shown as CoW types), and those old West Wall Campaign's (1st and 9th US Armies and 21st British Army Group ones, they were great back in the day), also have a bunch from Vol. 1 and ME (can't recall what that stands for), plus a bunch of others that may be missing or lost, if there is any interest, after I covert them I can post them, too many to list, I'll have to go through both the program files and my current directory to see if they exist or have been lost and post them if any one is interested in them).

Anyway, back to my main post. So I decided to test the waters but doing the Arracourt 44 scenario (a classic and small). And after a few turns I feel mostly up-to speed with the new game and got an Overwhelming Victory against the Germans.

Next up I'll probably play some NA stuff and then I'd like to covert those two west wall ones, I had a blast with those back in the day, plus DNO and my Sudden Storm one (needs an update a bit I see).

Here is a list of some of the scenarios I see on my local drives, but not seeing (off hand) here or anywhere else, but I could have missed them so if someone could take a look and tell me if they exist so I don't waste my time that would be great.

In no apparent order:

  • Siegfried line 1944
  • Europe1944: The Last Year of WWII v6
  • 1941 Operation Marita-Merkur
  • Arnhem
  • Conquistador
  • Demyansk *
  • Goodwood *
  • Konrad
  • Lebensraum
  • Nijmegen 1944
  • Russian War 1941-1944
  • Sichelschnitt
  • Smolensk 1941 *
  • Gazala 2 (Vol I)
  • Operation Compass (CoW)
  • Rommel drives for Alexandria (Cow)
  • Storm on the Reich (Cow)
  • West Wall Campaign - 1st and 9th US Armies (Cow)
  • West Wall Campaign - 21st British Army Group (Cow)
  • El Alamein_2.5
  • Tobruk'41_3.7
  • Hungary 1945 (CoW)
  • Hell's Highway (CoW)
  • Trappenjagd_1.0
  • 1939 Series: First Blood
  • 1939 Series: Northern Mazovia
  • 1939 Series: Piotrkow
  • 1939 Series: Pomorze Corridor)
  • 1939 Series: Steaming the Blitz
  • A Desperate Measures (Cow)
  • AHW 1 - The Manchurian Affair (TOAW3)
  • AHW 2 - Two Bloody Rivers V2.1 (TOAW3)
  • AHW 3 - Finally Moscow (TOAW3)
  • Dixie
  • Dniper 1941
  • Drive On Stalingrad PBEM (Vol I)
  • Fall Blau (CoW)
  • Fourth Strategic Attack 1944 (ME)
  • From Kursk to Kiev (ME)
  • Gotterdammerung 1944-1945
  • House of Cards (ME)
  • Hube's Pockets (CoW)
  • Kharakov 1943 Gallop No MOre (ME)
  • Maskirovka PBEM (CoW)
  • Prokhorovka PBEM (Cow)
  • Rhine '44 (Cow)
  • Feldzug Im Osten 1941
  • Olympic 45
  • Stalingrad And The Caucasus 1942
  • Sevastopol'42 (Cow)
  • Silesia '45 (Cow)
  • Storming Heaven (Cow)
  • Tactical Battle I - Eastern Front 1945 (ME)
  • The Fourth Republic (ME)
  • The Great War 1914-1918 (by Piero) (Cow)
  • War in the West (Cow)
  • War in the West (Cow)
  • europecowVer61
  • Zero Hour (Cow)
  • Zhukov_Attacks

* I have a Word Doc for these but don't see one in the game and yet I see there is one also scenarios by similar names called Demyansk 1942/Goodwood 1944/Smolensk 1941, not sure if they are the same or not?

Please forgive me if these have already been done and if so I'll just toss them. Otherwise let me know if there is any interest in converted files for these and where I might post them when converted.

Thanks for listening.

larryfulkerson -> RE: First Dip Back In. . .AAR/review. . .lost and found. . . (4/16/2019 1:19:44 AM)

There's been a lot of converting of scenarios going on behind the scenes and a lot of the scenario designers have been really busy and now there's quite a few scenarios that are ready right out of the box. You can find a lot of them here ( there's also a link to click on to download the scenario );

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