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Selchu -> Steam update problem 11/4/19 (4/11/2019 9:29:25 PM)

Evening folks.
So i got home and found that Steam wanted to update my CMANO. I usually use Chains of war but let the update run. No I can't use COW, CMANO or Desert Storm.

It loads and will give me the launch button but when I hit play game it tries to run CMANO, COW and Desert storm at the same time and just will not load through to the start menu at all.

Literally only happened a short time ago.

Current content build 3724804.

Or anyone know how to roll back an update?

Selchu -> RE: Steam update problem 11/4/19 (4/11/2019 9:43:54 PM)

So it would seem when I did a validation on CMANO through steam it needed to download 52 files. Then crashed again on the next attempt and then started to run ok. Strange one.

Also I'm now getting asked constantly to confirm that I'm happy for CMANO to make changes to my computer which never happened before. Velly Weird.

But alas it's working. Good news for me, bad news for Saddam's airfields.

Stonedog -> RE: Steam update problem 11/4/19 (4/12/2019 7:16:47 AM)

Its wanting to run in admin mode, and for now you need to if it does not interfere with other Steam games you have. Usually this is only a issue if you play games with a lot of Modding I recently learned. (Thank you RevReece) . I would actually ReVerify it, then when done night be a good idea to reboot both your PC and Steam. When this is done, launch Steam in Admin Mode (Again if thats not a issue for you) , verify one more time and then launch the game. Currently there are some issues involving Steam with CMANO , mostly in Windows 7 it seems. Dev team is aware and working on it. One such fix was applied today and thats most likely the update you spoke off in your post.

I know that my suggestions seem a bit over cautious , but I would not recommend such a process unless I thought it were prudent. Many lost the ability to play CMANO for a day or more, trying to help you avoid any such issues is my only reason for the suggestion.

Good Luck, and post here or Steam if any more issues. Certainly post here, the Devs need all the data they can aquire on the recent Steam troubles.


Stone Dog

Selchu -> RE: Steam update problem 11/4/19 (4/12/2019 10:31:38 AM)

Will do. I'll see how it runs when I get home tonight.

Dimitris -> RE: Steam update problem 11/4/19 (4/21/2019 1:08:55 PM)

Is this still an issue ?

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