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Zovs -> Update Failed (4/11/2019 7:51:05 PM)

So using the Game System/Main Screen, when I tried to update the game (currently at .20) I get this:


Thoughts or ideas?

Sorry for the size of the image, next time I'll cut it down...

larryfulkerson -> RE: Update Failed (4/11/2019 8:00:05 PM)

Do you have an anti-virus program running ? Some kind of web filtering extention on your browser? Is your firewall
blocking it?

Zovs -> RE: Update Failed (4/11/2019 8:03:53 PM)

No to all three. I am however running the game in a Windows 10 VM, although that should not matter (technically speaking). Is there someplace for a log that may help (I'll poke around).

larryfulkerson -> RE: Update Failed (4/11/2019 8:11:38 PM)

PM sent.

patrick67 -> RE: Update Failed (6/6/2019 9:47:03 PM)

i have the same problem

larryfulkerson -> RE: Update Failed (6/6/2019 10:10:19 PM)


ORIGINAL: patrick67
I have the same problem

Hey there patrick67 dude....Welcome to the forum. I don't remember exactly what problem Zovs was having but I vaguely remember telling him to try it again with a different browser, as administrator, and download the file to a directory you are sure you have permissions for, like "My Documents/My Games/Operational Art of War/Saves".

VPaulus -> RE: Update Failed (6/7/2019 12:44:39 AM)

Download the update manually from the Member's Area. Check the ink below for on how to do this:

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