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c3k -> S-48 Conqueror: how many tubes? (4/8/2019 4:41:03 PM)

Looking at the Community Scenarios, there is a 1982 Malvinas scenario. The British Conqueror is present. Clicking on the unit and looking at the database, it shows two types of torpedoes: Tigerfish and Straight Runners.

Now, here's the confusion: the listing shows 4 tubes that can launch the straight runners and 2 tubes that can launch the Tigerfish (guided torps).

Does that mean that there are FOUR tubes, TOTAL, and two of the tubes are capable of wire guidance?

Or, are the SIX tubes, and Four are older style and can ONLY launch inertial straight runners, and the OTHER TWO tubes are advanced and can ONLY launch wire-guided torpedoes?


(PS: It is frustrating to look at a database for a sub, click on a weapon, and then have no way to close the weapon link and be back at the sub database. Gotta reselect from the beginning...)

TwarVG -> RE: S-48 Conqueror: how many tubes? (4/8/2019 8:37:33 PM)

I believe it means that 4 tubes are loaded with straight runners and 2 with Tigerfish torpedoes by default, all 6 tubes are the same and capable of firing either torpedo if you reload them. They're listed separately because a single tube can only hold 1 weapon at a time so they have different database entries. As for the database navigation, a back button or the ability to open links in new windows would be a massive QOL fix but idk how high something like that is on the dev's list of priorities.

c3k -> RE: S-48 Conqueror: how many tubes? (4/8/2019 11:00:27 PM)

Thanks. I'm not sure if your explanation is correct. I'm not looking at the weapons release/attack screen. I'm looking at the database. The database separates it out the way I've discussed.

Gunner98 -> RE: S-48 Conqueror: how many tubes? (4/8/2019 11:49:20 PM)

Did you try it? It works.

The attached clip shows one of the 4 former and 2 later tubes reloading. They are separate because they have different firing arcs.


c3k -> RE: S-48 Conqueror: how many tubes? (4/9/2019 4:04:56 AM)


If I could "like" your post, I would.

(I was planning on trying it later today. Got stuck traveling and can't play until Tuesday evening.)

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