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GANC -> Mod or add nations? (4/7/2019 11:11:30 AM)

Is it possible to modify nations or add a custom nation? Is it possible to create a customized country flag and name? And I don't just mean national attributes or territory.

Background: I've been toying with the idea of creating a Spanish Civil War (SCW) scenario. I've always been interested in the SCW because it's a prelude to war, but in an intimate and familiar scale. I find it fascinating how it seems to capture the grand totality of WWII in a bite-sized portion. If I could make this scenario, it would also serve as a great introduction to newer players. Almost everything in the editor seems there to make this possible. The biggest thing missing, however, is for me to add Republican Spain to the nations list. I'm burying my nose in the editor and manual and I can't figure out how to do it, if possible. Nationalist Spain already exists, thank goodness. I hope someone could help me add in the other Spain. Oddly enough the editor manual lists 2 Spains in the country codes, 35 and 50, but the editor only lists NatSpain. It would be a shame if I had to shoehorn Romania or USSR as a placeholder for RepSpain... Bonus questions: Is there any way to modify the game years so that I'm not stuck in the early 1940s?

Been playing for a few years now w/ WitE. This is hands-down the best wargame, imo. The development team should be extremely proud! I would love to leverage its resources to display another side of WWII.


Helpless -> RE: Mod or add nations? (4/7/2019 9:58:14 PM)

Theoretically it is possible to change nation's name and flag, but there is many limitations and hardcode blocks. One of them is that only 40 first nation slots have active pools. Some of assets (ex. vehicles) are distributed via pools of major powers (Germany, Britain/US).

GANC -> RE: Mod or add nations? (4/8/2019 6:39:52 PM)

Pavel! [&o][&o]

I have so many questions but I'll keep it short: What is your overall recommendation? Just try with Romania/USSR flags? Give up and wait for WitE2 [;)]?

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