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sapper32 -> Indochina 1951-1955 (4/7/2019 9:48:13 AM)

Hi playing this scenario PBEM as the Viet Minh the supply situation in the North is great with supply sources dotted around Tonkin enabling me to conduct operations, However Central Vietnam has one supply source at Quang Tri and southern Vietnam has one at Mau Cai in the deep south which has been captured by the French so now no supply below Quang Tri and also the destroyed VM Gurilla units all seem to re spawn in the North near Vinh and Cao Bang so which means that the South is virtualy free of VM forces and will soon be followed by Central Vietnam as the supply from Quang Tri does not reach far, It looks like the war will be a Northern battle and Southern and Central Vietnam will be empty of VM forces hope ive explained this clearly enough and maybe Joao Lima can shed some light on this.


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