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AMSwift -> Questions about the ATG AI (v227g) (4/6/2019 4:54:41 PM)

For you experts and experienced ATG players, I have a few questions (concerns, really) about the AI.

1. I've noticed, especially, but not only, in such scenarios as CivilWar2 and in overhaul mods like 4Seasons, that formations of AI-controlled regimes often have low Readiness. I had supposed this to be mostly an issue with supply range (in these mods, supply relies on trucks, and trucks hate leaving roads). However, given the number of units at low Readiness I see on major roads, with clear lines of supply, I have to wonder if the AI is actually producing enough supplies in the first place.

Are there suggested ways for scenario designers to help the AI keep units at high Readiness?

2. AI-controlled land formations are very random. There are "armor" and "infantry" formations, but the distribution of units within each can only be approximately controlled (using rulevars and subformation AI settings, per Vic's guides). I see this issue even in scenarios, such as CivilWar2, that make heavy use of predefined TOEs. This is especially noticeable when there is more than one "people" supplying subformations for a regime.

So, question: Can the AI be got to use land formations more specific than "infantry", "armor", and "artillery" through any means?

Twotribes -> RE: Questions about the ATG AI (v227g) (4/6/2019 6:28:11 PM)

The AI does not produce enough supplies for the amount of troops it builds in my experience a work around is to edit the game before you start and give supplies to all AI headquarters. My approach is to give the ai headquarters 99million 999 thousand 999 supply max you can give. In most cases just giving that to the supreme Headquarters is enough depending on the OOB of the AI

ernieschwitz -> RE: Questions about the ATG AI (v227g) (4/6/2019 7:45:59 PM)

Ormand is working on fixing or at least finding out what the issue is. It should not be supplies in stock ATG (A New Dawn), since the AI is actually programmed there to get the correct amount of supplies made. I have suggested that the issue may be one of the AI transferring too many times between units, but this is only speculation.

There is no easy way to control what the AI has in it's formations. It does not use the TO&E, so that is not a solution.

Perhaps one could define a large number of standard units (Rifle Division for instance, Tank Division etc.) and specify the exact contents as a predefined unit. If these units are then bought by card, and the AI is not allowed to transfer between units (there is a rule var), then I guess you could have a form of AI that uses units. This would also require that all locations either produce PPs or Supplies. (Since there would be no way the AI could make use of the units it makes).

This would require making a massive amount of units, since there doesn't exist a TO&E template for PreDefined units. So if you research Rifle II, you would now be able to produce the Infantry II type PreDefined Unit. Of course, if you don't have MGs and Mortars and Bazookas upgrade at the same time and they are components of the predefined unit, you would need more PreDefined units. So to make things simpler you might want to consider making a modified research tree that only included, say Infantry II as a catch all for Rifle II, SMG II, MG II, Mortar II, Bazooka II. Of course it should be more expensive.

So now that we got those PreDefined Units set up... and believe me, you will need many... you then calculate what they are worth PP wise, and set the card cost at that. Unless you of course want to make this way of doing things AI only, in which case you can do away with cards, since the AI doesn't use them. You would need event code instead (or rather any AI would need code). The code here is when should it produce what. Now that can be done, you just set a ratio up or something like that, defining when the AI should focus on one PreDefined Unit or another. You can also find out what researches it knows, so you can guide it along. Then for the next unit, the process starts over, until you get all the PPs you want it to use, used. Of course you have to decide where these units "pop up", but that is rather minor, it could be at the capitol for instance.

A side effect of this approach is that each unit will fight until it is ground down. So you will have very small units at some point, that the AI really won't know how to handle logically. Still it is a solution...

Be prepared to do a lot of testing though. The right unit size will be crucial. Any miscalculation on that, and the AI won't be worth anything, ...

Twotribes -> RE: Questions about the ATG AI (v227g) (4/6/2019 11:26:05 PM)

Easier just to give the supplies to the Headquarters.

Ormand -> RE: Questions about the ATG AI (v227g) (4/7/2019 3:07:34 AM)

As the AI, I have noticed similar things as well. I am not 100% sure it is supply, although perhaps there is something different with supply movement in these mods. I tended to attribute this lack of readiness as being due to transfers, although the AI might get these for free. My reasoning is as follows. I have played a game where I made it loadable, and after bringing it into the editor, I see the SHQ has 5000 supplies. Now, possibly, it isn't getting these out, I don't know. But, I will bet that you will also notice that the AI has been taking pretty heavy losses, probably 2-3:1. It is also refilling the units, so if there is a readiness penalty for transferring to another HQ, this could be it. After I get the rework of my models, I will play with transfer settings while the AI plays, and see if this has an effect. I am also trying to find ways to help the AI in combat so that it doesn't commit suicide as well.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Questions about the ATG AI (v227g) (4/7/2019 10:17:32 AM)


ORIGINAL: Twotribes

Easier just to give the supplies to the Headquarters.

My answer was primarily about how to avoid the strange units the AI makes.

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