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CV32 -> Scenario # 11 Extreme Prejudice (4/6/2019 2:49:44 PM)

The scenario description says:


From the opening strikes in the early hours of January 17th to the last “Winnebago hunt” strikes on February 25th, high-explosive, precision-guided ordinance [sic] dogged Hussein’s heels. F-117s and F-111s delivered almost 200 precision-guided weapons against roughly 40 separate targets to include Iraqi’s general command staff in the harrowing experience. This scenario is representative of this small, but important category of strikes that persisted throughout the conflict, including the intensive ISR, SEAD/DEAD and intelligence gathering efforts that preceded them.

The player's OOB includes decent numbers of F-15E and F-117A strike aircraft armed with hard target penetrating PGMs, as well as carrier air wings and a pretty large contingent of Israeli aircraft, among others.

Despite this firepower, however, you can't hit any of the Iraqi airfields and there are no bunkers. There are a handful of bridges around Baghdad, and a railway yard/station. (There is a kind of side mission that also does not require bunker busting ordnance.)

Where are the targets? [&:]

BDukes -> RE: Scenario # 11 Extreme Prejudice (4/6/2019 6:25:17 PM)

They revealed in lua script when recon aircraft get near.



HUMINT information indicates that Iraq wants to initiate a major counter thrust into Saudi Arabia in response to their setbacks to date.

There is credible evidence that Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, has directed his political and military leadership to meet with their ally counterparts to formulate a major strike on Coalition forces.

Coalition forces will use all available intelligence resources to verify this action and, if valid, take all necessary action locate and destroy the meeting’s facility and participants.

Consider all activity originating from within Iraq likely to be hostile. Weapons “Tight” for all others as the destruction of Neutral/non-combatant aircraft must be avoided at all costs.

CV32 -> RE: Scenario # 11 Extreme Prejudice (4/6/2019 7:38:44 PM)


They revealed in lua script when recon aircraft get near.

As I said, there was one 'pop up' mission (which required no recon aircraft nearby) but I have had U-2R and RF-4C patrols all around the Baghdad area, without revealing anything further. Long periods of time - especially the valuable night time hours - with nothing much happening at all.

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