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tonyscrase -> newbie question Unit truck use (4/5/2019 1:03:37 AM)

What is unit truck use

loki100 -> RE: newbie question Unit truck use (4/5/2019 6:19:50 AM)

Its the number of trucks your units allocate to gaining supply rather than moving your men/guns etc around. Its probably the biggest cause of low MP.

solutions? check out your depot system to ensure there are depots nearby. For the allies in France, a less intuitive solution is to lower the supply level of most formations. This can mean less supply, but it also means less trucks allocated to finding to supply so oddly can result in higher mobility (clearly there is a trade off here and some trial and error is needed).

edit: while your image shows it at the depot level, you can see it globally on the production screen and for each unit using the unit screen or the CR.

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