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These two units no longer existed as independent Chutai's by the start of the
Pacific War in December 1941. Instead, they had merged to form the 29th
Sentai (and were for a while called by a term meaning "mixed unit" before
gaining the title Sentai which meant "single type unit."

Stock slot 1038 is the 66th Ind Chutai, but is assigned the wrong type
of aircraft. It renames as the 29th Sentai on the wrong date.

Stock slot 1162 is the 87th Ind Chutai, and it is also assigned the
wrong type of aircraft. As well, it never becomes part of the 29th
Sentai, leading to a partial duplication issue.

These units were recon units, flying Ki-15 during the early part of
the Sino-Japanese war. They converted to Ki-27 as a transition trainer
to relearn fighter skills (which they originally had long before) and
this is why they were called a mixed unit - there were Ki-15 and Ki-27
for a while). Finally they became operators of Ki-44, and late in the
war, Ki-84. If you can trust stock - which is so full of flaws it is
somewhat debatable - the unit expanded in size to 42 machines in
February 1942. Before that it was a 24 aircraft Sentai - not the
usual 36.

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