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Mayhemizer_slith -> Baltic Sea naval moves (3/31/2019 2:22:01 PM)


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ORIGINAL: warspite1

Sorry Mayhemizer you can't move units to/from the Baltic if I've read RAC correctly.

See below from Page 48 of RAC:

You canít move naval units between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea (even via Fredrikshavn or Kristiansand) if major powers you are at war with control at least 2 of Oslo, Copenhagen and Kiel.

It's not possible to send ships from UK to Baltic Sea. But if I start from Frederikshavn, is that OK?

I don't think so but we will probably need to consult the rules guru's. If you can then it just negates the rule and I think that is why it expressly mentions those two ports. I'll look on the ADG website and see if its covered there.

What I mean, can Allied ships from Baltic Sea abort to Frederikshavn? And if yes, can they next turn sail back to Baltic Sea?

I was told on table top game, I can use ships so that they leave port, sail 2 sea zones, go to port, pick up a unit and leave a port. Rule you quoted says that is not allowed in this case. I'm not sure about this at all.

Someone good with rules, please comment [:)]

Mayhemizer_slith -> RE: Baltic Sea naval moves (3/31/2019 2:30:56 PM)

Answer found, you can sail from Frederikshavn to Baltic Sea [:)]

Orm -> RE: Baltic Sea naval moves (3/31/2019 6:47:48 PM)

You did indeed find the answer.

What is not allowed however is what you mentioned above. Sailing from the North Sea, enter Frederikshavn, and then continue to the Baltic Sea. Or vice versa. But if you begin the naval move in Frederikshavn, then you can select to which sea area you want to sail. Either to the North Sea, or to the Baltic Sea.

Edit: In most other cases you can sail through a port. For example to pick up a unit.

Courtenay -> RE: Baltic Sea naval moves (3/31/2019 8:48:08 PM)

I think there is a situation that MWiF will get wrong: Moving through a port containing a non-cooperating unit. This should be legal, because stacking is only enforced at the end of step, but MWiF won't let you move onto a non-cooperating unit.

For example, a Dutch cruiser stacked with a CW INF division wants move through Alexandria, dropping off the division and winding up at sea. Unfortunately, there is an Egyptian TERR in Alexandria. I believe the move is legal, but MWiF will not let you do it, although I haven't checked.

Before I spend any time checking that MWiF does not let you do this, I want to be sure that it's legal, first. So, is this legal?

paulderynck -> RE: Baltic Sea naval moves (3/31/2019 9:22:20 PM)

Stacking and cooperation are not issues here. What should prevent this from being done is that although lift can embark cargo on the way through a port, the rule is that to debark cargo in a port, the lift has to finish its move there.

Courtenay -> RE: Baltic Sea naval moves (4/1/2019 12:53:38 AM)

Ah! Then in that case, put the CW INF and an Egyptian TERR in Alexandria, and try and pick up the division with a Dutch cruiser. THAT should be legal, and I doubt that it can be done.

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