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morphin -> Scenario Alliance King Abdul Aziz Resupply (3/31/2019 1:41:38 PM)


King Abdul Aziz just got AA Weapons (also Phoenix) on Scenario Alliance after your C-130E is near the AB.

As far as i know the Greyhound on the Roosevelt is not able to move this to the CV, right?

So i have only two possibilities: either Land the tomcat on King Abdul Aziz or dock the CV on the pier.

Is this right?


morphin -> RE: Scenario Alliance King Abdul Aziz Resupply (3/31/2019 2:40:17 PM)

And it is by far not clear what is the objectiv of this scenario. Should i attack irak? I know that proabaelity Iran will become an enemy sooner or later, but what to do with irak? It is now about 1:30 Into scenario i don't have any instructions what are the objectives in the next 22 houres....



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