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Rob322 -> BBG Kentucky (3/30/2019 6:40:33 PM)

This unit appears to be a standard 1980's Iowa but the write up suggests something more interesting. Did I miss something? Otherwise, loving this!

Dimitris -> RE: BBG Kentucky (3/30/2019 6:43:55 PM)

It's the Kentucky conversion alright. Check the weapons:


The trick that Wayne did here is that, instead of making a new DB entry for the Kentucky, he took the "stock" 1980s Iowa and added custom weapons and associated sub-systems (radars, datalinks etc.) to make them work. This is why if you select it and browse its DB entry, it will show you the info for the stock Iowa. The DB-editor always shows the stock configuration, not the pimped-out hotrod you may have made out of it [:)]

Rob322 -> RE: BBG Kentucky (3/30/2019 6:47:09 PM)

Okay, my mistake. I was looking at the Database Viewer of the ship. Once I went to Unit View and selected the Kentucky I realized what was there. Awesome!

CV32 -> RE: BBG Kentucky (4/1/2019 2:14:23 PM)

Certain other units appear to have been modified as well.

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