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Hellen_slith -> Q: "Dismount" button (3/27/2019 9:29:46 PM)

Sorry if this has been asked and answered ... but I'm not quite understanding how this "dismount" function works ... I kind of understand about some equipment going back "into the pool" if you "dismount" (unless it is unsupplied?) but I'm not getting why the "dismount" would be used? Is it sort of like abandoning a unit? Or are you just leaving behind the transport parts of the unit?

The manuals and old cw help files don't seem to discuss this function. Sorry if I am not seeing the obvious ... just wondering. An old game squad forum post seemed to hint that it could be used to put infantry "on foot" to cross badlands or other terrain that motorized is not allowed to cross? Is that it?

Thanks for the kind help!


Shadrach -> RE: Q: "Dismount" button (3/28/2019 12:00:49 AM)

Hi - this is documented in good detail in the "Whatsnew 4.1.docx" file included in the install directory, part II.1. (don't know why they couldn't make a PDF...)

Apparently it doesn't include stuff like tanks or other heavy equipment, just trucks and carriers. And also towed guns will be sent to inventory. I assume the rest of the stuff like Heavy MGs and Mortars will be carried by crew. Carrying an 81mm mortar, it will probably slow down the unit massively.

Not exactly sure on what exact units will disappear, for instance in your example none of the units will be sent to inventory.
I think some deal of experimentation is needed before knowing the details, so try it out in single-player before trying this in PBEM.

You'd usually need one or two rounds after mounting for them to get back to strength in my experience.

Hellen_slith -> RE: Q: "Dismount" button (3/28/2019 12:52:28 AM)

Ah,ok, thank you!

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