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nickkovalski -> RE: what do you collect? (4/3/2019 8:45:19 AM)


ORIGINAL: Lecivius

I collect cash. It's a hobby of mine [;)][:D]

I also collect books. Library was over 9400 last time I indexed it.
And PC games. I am closing on a hundred now, but some are to old.

great option [:D]

Hexagon -> RE: what do you collect? (4/8/2019 8:58:35 PM)

Apart the obviously books (reading now "The German Way of War: From the Thirty Years' War to the Third Reich") and games (waiting "PzC Japan45", "Rule the Waves 2" and very excited with "Fantasy General II" and interested in "Armored Brigade" DLC) i started buying watches.

I started buying a Casio G-Shock 5600HR because i go now to the gym (time to move my fat body) but searching info about what G-Shock buy i find again post about Vostok Amphibias and part they are cheap and have a good reputation i buy one as a gift for me... and add later the modernized version of the classic one, the new Anfibia, it cost more but doesnt look totally like a 70s watch.


Classic amphibia

Modernized version

And i have in mind add another watch from the mother Russia... a K-39 or a Red Sea.

I am very surprised and glad with the amphibia classic quality, the only negative points are lumen and the use of acrilic instead saphire (but the design of amphibias is based on the glass type, i recomend you read about how soviets solved the problem related with water pressure... they find the elegant solution while in west use the brute force solution... totally oposite when you expect a solution for a problem from east VS west)... but apart this very good diver.

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