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Daniel Amieiro -> Historical MOD: Provinces & Kingdoms (3/21/2019 12:43:46 PM)

Well, i'm tweaking a lot for making a Historical Mod based on engine and EIH:

These are the main issues/changes i'm making in mid and i want to ask to you:

Add provinces to historical border conflicts: Remove useless partitions that doesn't add strategy. There is a 146-150 province limit list, so one add should compensate one removal with perhaps a +4 margin.

Reduced to one (to make room for others).

Lybia: Tripolitania + Cirenayca.
Wurtemburg: Wurttemburg+Swabia:
Baden: Baden + Breisgau.
Flanders: Flanders + Lieja
Bohemia: Bohemia + Moravia.
Chechnya: Remove
Persia: Remove
Other removal Candidates?
- Some east turkey provinces or caucassus ones (Imertia, Trabizond)... or even palestine (fussion with sirya).

New Provinces (for historical importance)

Austria: +4
- Croatia. (takes one zone from Carinthia and other from hungary)
- Slovenia (one zone south hungary and one zone of military border)
- Bucovina: Escision from East Galicia. Not poland
- Upper Hungria/Slovakia: Other hungary partition

France & Spain: +4
Rousillon: (south of langedoc)
Bayone + Vasque Country: Two in south gascony and north old castille
Lorraine: Separated from Champagne

Estonia: upper livonia
Karelia: Between norway and Ingrie (petersburh).

Other suggestions?

Change in size/name:
Bulgaria: Take two north rumelia zones
Astrakan: Take the tree south Caucasus Zone
Carniola: Instead Carinthia.
Banat: Change size and replaces military border.
Ingrie: Instead Karelia.

Political combinations:

- Kingdom of Sardinia Piedmont: Savoy + Piedmont+Genoa+Sardinia.
- Kingdom of Italy: Lombardy+Parma+Modena+Romagna+ Venetia+Carnolia+Croatia+Dalmatia)
- Poland: As usual.
- C.Rhine: As usual.
- Ottoman Empire: Not used (see other post). Turkey IS Ottoman Empire.
- Sweden: Sweden+Findland+South Pommerania
- Denmark: Norway+Denmark
- Two siciles: Naples+Sicily.

Not used (perhaps too old combinations) but can it be in mind
- Great Sweden (like a major): Sweden+Norway+Finland+Karelia+Ingrie+Estonia+Livonia+swedish pommerania +some other?
- Lithuania (from older Lituanian-Polish commonwealth): Estonia+Livonia+White Russia+Polesia+(Volynia+Podolia)

Balkans. Austria and Ottoman Nationalism. Not used, but perhaps useful in mind (too modern) what's your opinion
- Hungary should viewed as: Slovakia+Banat+West Hungary+EastHungary+Transylvania
- Bohemia: Bohemia + Moravia + Lausitz.
- Rumania: Wallachia + Moldavia+Transilvania + Bucovina?
- Rumelia as eyalet: Bosnia+Bulgaria+Thrace+Rumelia+Macedonia+Albania+Greece.
- Greece: Greece+Macedonia+...
- Serbocroatia: Serbia+Bosnia+Croatia+Slovenia

- Basque country: Bayone+Vasque (north Castille).
- Catalonia: Catalonia+Rousillon+(Majorca+Valencia)

- Baviera: Could be, but incompatible with Conf of the Rhine unless redefined,

Some ideas here?

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