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Ranger33 -> The Great Endeavors - A History Podcast (3/14/2019 6:09:01 PM)

Total shameless plug, hope no one minds! [:)]

I wanted to do something for a long time and finally committed to it: making my own podcast. I decided to do a history podcast about a variety of topics, all centered on the concept of "great endeavors" throughout human history. I wanted to capture the spirit of adventure, exploration, and pushing the boundaries that we all share to some extent. So, the first season of the podcast is about the Space Race, starting with the hunt for Wernher von Braun at the end of WW2 and going forward to the moon landing. Second season is planned to be the Lewis and Clark expedition, to give some ideas about what I'm covering.

If that sounds interesting, please give it a listen! I'm on all the big podcast places that I could find, let me know if you want it added somewhere. Also, I'm open to any comments, questions, or suggestions.

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Direct Link to First Episode

Thanks for reading!

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