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cfulbright -> Assign Invasion TF's to Army HQ's (3/13/2019 2:55:23 PM)

When the 1943 Campaign scenario starts, the six invasion TF's are assign to AFHQ. (In the 1944 campaigns, the five invasion TF's are assigned to SHAEF.) Because of that and the rule on "diluting" the effect of support units from higher HQ's, the TF Naval Support Groups have a -28% penalty on their contribution to the landings battles.

If you assign the TF's to an Army HQ, they only have -6% penalty, which is a significant improvement. (Note that assigning them directly to the corps HQ's of the invading units doesn't reduce the penalty any further).

So my advice to players is to use the "Auto assign units to nearest applicable HQ" ("g") command to assign your TF's to army HQ's to get better naval gunfire support.


bsaerens -> RE: Assign Invasion TF's to Army HQ's (3/13/2019 7:08:33 PM)

I was already looking for a way to change the attachment of Task Forces. I totally forgot about the G shortcut. Thx Cary I'll keep it in mind for my next invasion ;-)

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