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ElanaAhova_slith -> ANSWERED DW:U game crash to desktop (3/12/2019 3:31:08 PM)

DWU, only mod is extended (extra races w 'blue' interface graphics). Small map, 100 stars. Playing fine. Been playing since Return came out. First time ever, DWU crashes to desktop. Game just ends. Anyone else have this? re: the mod? Fixes? Thx :)

btd64 -> RE: DW:U game crash to desktop (3/12/2019 3:41:18 PM)

Haven't had this problem. Can you restart the game? Also, I would post in the technical support part of this forum....GP

zakblood -> RE: DW:U game crash to desktop (3/12/2019 3:41:32 PM)

not enough information to comment, could be anything,

best advice is run the default game, full stop and if it still crashes, try a clean boot with nothing else loaded

if it still crashes, then it's hardware, or some software running in the back ground,

disabled one by one until it doesn't crash, takes time i'm sorry to say

rjord1 -> RE: DW:U game crash to desktop (3/12/2019 9:07:32 PM)

When the game crashes it may output the reason to the crash dump file.

Go to Documents\My Games\Distant Worlds Universe
and look in DW_CrashDump.txt for any error messages

ElanaAhova_slith -> RE: DW:U game crash to desktop (3/13/2019 2:25:53 AM)

Thank you all. I have played on and off since Return was released. Never had a problem. What's different now is I used the mod I mentioned above. The game runs fine now - not using that mod. I appreciate everyone who responded. Thank you. I'll look for a crash dump - but since the game runs fine now - not so concerned. Again, thank you all!

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