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MikeJ19 -> A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 2:32:13 PM)

After being defeated by the Germans, I'm back to try again this time against the Brits.

A quick look at the map and the location of the VPs, this looks a lot like a Soviet Tank Rush.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 2:35:44 PM)

The ground is very open for the most part with a major river going through the centre part of the AO. The major river (Rensen) is too wide to wade across, except (maybe) in a couple of narrow areas.

A hill dominates the Northern part of the AO and there are some roads moving East to West.

The city of Rensenbach is approachable only by a bridge.

Swampy, low level areas are in the southern part of the AO.

There are four possible crossing sites over the river, three are fording/bridging sites and one is the main bridge over the Rensen River. I have marked the crossing sites with blue stars.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 2:37:21 PM)

Here is my best guess at what the Brits have to fight me.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 2:38:35 PM)

A look at how the Brits might defend


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 2:38:55 PM)

Second option


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 2:39:27 PM)

Final option


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 3:25:27 PM)

Here is a look at my formation


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 3:25:46 PM)

My fire support


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 3:26:07 PM)

My air defence


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 4:43:32 PM)

A look at how victory is determined in this battle!


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 5:11:02 PM)

Here is a look at my attack options


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 5:11:23 PM)

The second option


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 5:11:43 PM)

The last one


StuccoFresco -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 5:43:32 PM)

I'd go with Option 3 with an echeloned offensive. First you draw the Brit's attention to the North, where they expect you, then you make your move in the South. I'd assign at least an Hind to the South, too. If you manage to discover and engage their SPAs it would be awesome: artillery is too dangerous to let it fire all the time at your guys, and your own artillery must be used to suppress/kill the defenders at the crossings.

I see your T-72s have gun-launched ATGMs, so you can try and risk the long-range engagements outside the city. At more than 3000m you can have a distinct advantage, or at least it wouldn't be the usual slaughter for WP. At the same time, holy ****, that's 40-50 AT for them? If they are all long-range ATGMs your tanks have no hope to survive.

MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 6:43:39 PM)


That is my thinking too. The Brits have a ton of AT missiles, so that is going to cause me lots of trouble. I hope that my artillery can help make a difference. This is going to be fun.

All the best,


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 7:45:28 PM)

Here is the plan


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 7:46:03 PM)

I want my recce elements to find the initial British locations so that I can start bringing them under artillery fire as soon as possible.

I have two BRM-1K Pl moving to positions along the hill. From there they can see into the edge of RENSENBACH.

The BRDM-2 Pl is moving into position to see the crossing site and the town of Poggenhagen. They will pause and if they see no enemy, they will move to establish the crossing site.

The Recce Coy HQ deploys in the middle, on the outskirts of SCHWANDORF.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 10:23:38 PM)

Game on.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/12/2019 10:24:03 PM)

End of first command cycle


StuccoFresco -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/13/2019 8:03:43 AM)

The Brits aren't taking any chance: they want to know what are you going to do. Unless it's a counterattack (i'd be grateful for that), if they spot your move south they can send something to "close" the southern crossing...

MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/13/2019 10:13:33 AM)


Not surprised to see the Brit recce out in the flats. I think that in pulling back they have lost sight of my recce elements. That will not last long, but hopefully will give me time to get my forces moving towards the Southern river crossing area maybe unseen.

Here are my thoughts/plans based on the post below:

My recce elements have moved into place. They have good observation across to the far shore of the river.

My artillery took out a Brit recce vehicle.

My first wave of troops have arrived a TB, MRB, SPA Regt and some Hinds. Good stuff.

Lots of units to move.

My northern recce units is going to advance a little closer to RENSENBACH hoping to see more Brit units.

The TB is moving to the red arc to the West of SCHWANDORF.

The MRB is swinging South headed for the area South of Poggenhagen. Right now that move is going to take over 2 hours, but if the recce element gets the bridge set, it should be shorter.

One Hind Pl is going to approach RENSENBACH in the centre and then fly back into the low area.

The second Hind Pl is going to recce/move South of Poggenhagen.

My SPA Regt is moving West about 2Kms to give it more range.

At noon, my air support arrives.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/14/2019 12:18:07 AM)

Very interesting, I have found an Inf Pl (5 Warriors) at the North end of the bridge. They engaged and took out an BRDM-2.

The Northern Hind flight took a pass near RENSENBACH, but saw nothing.

My Southern recce element is at the river and should be across the river in about 30 minutes.

The smoke behind my recce elements was fired by the Brits.

My artillery is going to target the British Inf Pl.

Im going to advance my recce element in the North to the trees across the river from RENSENBACH.

Im going to push my Northern Hind flight closer to the town as well.

My air support has arrived, nothing to use it on at the moment, so it will circle.

Otherwise, no changes.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/14/2019 1:13:54 AM)

Three Brit warrior Pls have been found North of RENSENBACH. My artillery has been active and has destroyed a bunch of Warriors and some AT weapons.

The two Hind Pls made another pass, and saw nothing.

No major changes, the TB will continue to move West, but Im going to pull them farther West than initially planned from the red curve to the yellow one. I want them to draw the attention of the Brits. This is a difficult balance, I want them seen, but not attacked....

The MRB continues to move towards the crossing site that the recce element. So far so good on this move.

The Hinds are going to move forward onto the plane South of RENSENBACH. This gives them coverage of the Western approach off the hill and the southern approach into RENSENBACH.

My air support and artillery are going to work on the warrior pls, it would be nice to take them out of the game.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/14/2019 1:58:21 AM)

Things are progressing.


StuccoFresco -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/14/2019 7:56:04 AM)

Sounds good so far...

MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/14/2019 9:57:48 AM)

Agreed, so far things are working out alright - a little too well.

Some more thoughts on my plan for the next cycle.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/14/2019 8:07:52 PM)

That was a fairly quick 29 minutes. Overall, things are going well.

The Brits sortied a couple of recce vehicles out from the area North of the bridge, which I killed quickly.

They also had an airstrike which took out my TB HQ!!! Im going to reorg the three Tank companies to the recce Coy. The recce HQ is moving forward now.

My Hinds moved, but did not see anything. They will push forward again.

My MRB will be crossing the river in the next 20 minutes.

My 2nd TB has arrived and will be moving South to follow the MRB across the river.

More fire support has arrived. I now have seven gun batteries and a rocket battery. I also have another air strike available.

No good visible targets at the moment. So, Im going to take over and conduct some fire missions in RENSENBACH and after the HQ(?) unit.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/14/2019 8:37:42 PM)

That was fun. Another Brit air strike did lots of damage taking out 6 tanks. The Brits have also launched a counter attack NW of RENSENBACH. Not sure why... But it will help me.

My artillery missions in RENSENBACH were very effective even the ones where I had no observed targets. Im going to continue with these missions. My rockets are set for counter battery fire.

There is no indication that the Brits have seen my MRB cross the river in the South. Whew. Now I need to decide if I wait for the TB units following them to catch up before I attack from the South. I have time to make this decision.

Im going to bring in another air strike aimed at the centre of town.

My Hinds will conduct another pass. Then one of them (the one on the right) needs to resupply.

Overall, things continue to work well.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/15/2019 10:07:25 AM)

A view of RENSENBACH during my command cycle.


MikeJ19 -> RE: A Thin Tan Line - Soviets (3/15/2019 10:08:25 AM)

Im a little worried about time how little is left. I do not have time to waste, so we are setting up for the assault on the objectives.

The Brits did not do much over the last 28 minutes, with the exception of another very successful air strike. Im frustrated that my SA-13 Gophers did not engage. Maybe they could not see because of the weather?

I will have the MRB and a TB attack from the South. This attack will hit the southern part of the city around 1600.

In the North, the newly arrived TB will join the remnants of the first TB and attack across the bridge. That attack will occur closer to 1630 the new TB has a long way to go.

I should have sent the Hinds off to resupply earlier as they will likely not be in position to support the first attack.

Im going to use my rockets to lay a minefield on the autobahn just to the West of the bridge on the western approach (see Green rectangle).

My guns will continue to pound the city. The results of these missions has been sporadic, but they are slowly taking out the British defences.

I would bring in another air strike, but the weather needs to clear first.


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