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AstroBlues -> Getting started (3/9/2019 1:21:42 AM)

When starting up a World in Flames game for Pbem, do you use the Solitaire, Head to Head or Internet button.


paulderynck -> RE: Getting started (3/9/2019 1:58:37 AM)

You can use either Solitaire or head to head, but there's little point using head to head as it just introduces extra clicking to tell players to switch sides. If someone wants to see the entry chits that don't belong to them, they can just advance the game and "pretend" they are their own opponent so it amounts to assuming your opponent will behave honorably, either way.

AstroBlues -> RE: Getting started (3/9/2019 11:05:47 AM)

One other question: Is there a fast start for the Global War scenario. Would you recommend it to a beginner so that he can get right into the game. Or would the process, he is the Allies, of scrapping units, setting up convoys, and such be beneficial to him?

Centuur -> RE: Getting started (3/9/2019 12:56:41 PM)

Since the game has a steep learning curve (also with the way the program works), I would suggest a Barbarossa first and a Guadalcanal second, before going towards global war.

You'll find that you will need to get more information (the video's and such) during those small campaigns, simply to get to know how to do things...

Courtenay -> RE: Getting started (3/9/2019 4:13:35 PM)

A Barbarossa as a first try makes sense. Do not use the game's Quick Start, though, because the Russian set up is horrible. I posted a better one in the first post of this thread:�, or just do your own set up.

Courtenay -> RE: Getting started (3/9/2019 4:17:18 PM)

I have not looked at the Quick Start for global war; I would never use it, because you will always want to do something differently than anybody else's set up. (Heck, you might even replace the words "anybody else's" with "anybody's" in that last sentence, My general feeling when I look at one of my old set ups is "What idiot did that? Oh.")

AstroBlues -> RE: Getting started (3/9/2019 4:46:26 PM)

I am looking forward to playing MWiF. My opponent and I are starting with the Barbarossa scenario. Thanks for all the help.


jboldt007 -> RE: Getting started (4/9/2019 12:44:34 AM)

I found starting with GW easier in the end if you just want to practice. Guadalcanal is not easy to begin learning - I just stared at the screen - even though I watched all the videos. With GW the strategic objectives at the beginning are easily understood- Poland. Plus you get a bit of everything. And one learns that France isn’t just a cake walk. After a couple GW now I “get” Guadalcanal...

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