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ksy0 -> Any way to make the game shorter?! (3/8/2019 1:01:31 PM)

I LOVE Distant Worlds Universe. I love the massive massive epic feel to it. I love the mods. I love the depth and detail of it. I love the customization of it. I love how you can play however you want to play it. Every time I find another 4X game and look at it, all I can think is how I just would rather play Distant Worlds. (Incidentally, I usually play the Manly Man Fully Manual way, thanks to the great guide I found. I am not a neck-beard.)

HOWEVER, I find I DON'T play it as much as I want to, because every game takes HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS to finish. And as I want to get better at the game, I'm not one to just restart because something went wrong. (plus, there's so many moving parts, it's tough to figure out just where you went wrong.)

IS there a way to make the game SHORTER? I know making the galaxy smaller isn't necessarily helpful, because you then run into enemies faster and have less resources.

Anyone have any tips on making the game shorter, to be able to play MORE games to learn from your mistakes faster?

btd64 -> RE: Any way to make the game shorter?! (3/8/2019 1:26:58 PM)

When setting up a game, the last page has settings for the length of the game and others as well. Like victory conditions, etc. So look their....GP

larrybush -> RE: Any way to make the game shorter?! (3/8/2019 1:36:45 PM)

Also make the real estate smaller, smaller maps smaller grids.
Start with more developed empires for all sides.
Maybe the in game editor can help?

ksy0 -> RE: Any way to make the game shorter?! (3/8/2019 2:24:27 PM)

Does changing the length of time/victory conditions alter the nature of the game? For example, making JUST a smaller map makes resources scarcer and faster contact with enemies, so something ELSE needs to be changed - more resources at home planets, lesser enemies, etc. So would that effect, say, the amount of tech available or something?

OR does the nature of how customizable the game is automatically make every game different, if changed from the default settings?

ksy0 -> RE: Any way to make the game shorter?! (3/8/2019 2:26:45 PM)

"More developed empires on all sides." I hadn't thought of that. I know the guides I've been looking at start you off in Pre-Warp Tech. So there is this buffer of time before encountering other folks,(other than pirates.) But I don't like doing that all the time as you're fundamentally changing the game. maybe....

larrybush -> RE: Any way to make the game shorter?! (3/8/2019 2:51:10 PM)

You can use the editor in game to "cheat" if resources are slim, it's also nice to help out the competition if you help yourself too.

Most of the game parameter have the ability to customize to help in smaller maps.

You can mod the game that has higher resource allocations for playing in smaller scenarios.

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