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Sakura Blue 2018 is a fictional joint forces exercise held between regional allies Taiwan (Republic of China) and Japan.

The exercise is intended to allow Japanese forces to practice defence against an incursion into their territory while providing an opportunity to allow Taiwanese forces to practice holding territory against an amphibious invasion.

The scenario is playable from either side. Will you be able to hold the islands of Yonaguni, Taketomi, Ishigaki, Tarama and Miyakojima as the Republic of China? Or will you reclaim your territory commanding the Japanese Self Defence Forces?...

With thanks to SakiNoE for assistance with scenario development

Kudos to apache85 for the great work!

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, the premier game of air, naval & strategic warfare and the choice of serious hobbyists and defence professionals alike.


Playable from Both Sides with an Adaptive AI Opponent
Deploy Special Forces Teams from Submarines
Deploy LLTV Surveillance Buoys from Submarines
Stores Management and Munitions Transfer System
Requisition Additional Forces (Japan Only)
Replay Recent Special Messages
Shipwreck Survivors / Downed Pilots / Combat Search & Rescue
Extreme Weather and Effects on Units
Random Breakdowns
Attrition Model and Open-Ended Objectives

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