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Aawulf -> LCU mod questions (3/4/2019 6:06:26 AM)

1. It has been many years ago and potentially pre-AE, but I recall something about the Locations data for LCU's HQ Type entry "220" was used by ai to maintain base force distribution for both human and computer players. Can anyone confirm and clarify? Also, what would be the effect of removing all "220" entries in that field for human player?

2. While I understand that LCU slots can also be used for additional HQ's, does it require they have unit type "4" to benefit from defining a type and range in the HQ Type field (like "31" for Amphibious HQ)?

3. Again for LCU data, I see many entries for the Attributes field but haven't found any definitons. For example, there are great many units "32" in that field.
--1 seems to be "static" unit
--2 seems to be "restricted temporary" unit
--4 seems to be "restricted permanent"
--32 perhaps means is used in AI script?

4. Maybe I forgot, but I have no idea how the LCU field "_size" relates to the units. There are none for the Allied LCU's, I have an intermittent range of 935-964 for the Jap LCU's. Any purpose?

Way back when Rich Dionne and I developed the WitPExcel editors for PacWar with Hex editors and VBA, I visually inspected the raw hex data to identify fields and ignored those that made no sense to me. Now, with all of the data separated and so easily accessible thanks to WitPLoad, I feel like a babe in the woods.

Thanks in advance your consideration.

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