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abulbulian -> Silly PBEM++ issues... (3/3/2019 7:36:23 PM)

I can't seem to login for PBEM++. But I can login as a Matrix user with those creds. I already had to change my password because the PBEM++ doesn't support some chars which is nutty since there just ASCII. WTF. Anyways, doesn't seem to get be a PBEM here. So how the heck can I get my account creds working with this game. This should not even be an issue? Wasting time on this is already very annoying.


abulbulian -> RE: Silly PBEM++ issues... (3/3/2019 7:40:05 PM)

Also, when I click the 'PBEM++ Online' option I get a Connection Error[1] Transferred not enough data. What a meaningful error message for end users. Then it takes me to the PBEM++ login.

Need to take these devs back to school on this topic.

abulbulian -> RE: Silly PBEM++ issues... (3/3/2019 7:52:10 PM)

Sorry for being upset, but was frustrating. Just created a another gmail account and registered a user for this game. So that was my workaround.

abulbulian -> RE: Silly PBEM++ issues... (3/3/2019 8:02:22 PM)

I will say Kudos to IronX for his map/counters mod! It's wonderful. So that helped to improve my recent experience with SC WaW [:)]

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