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Rand6897 -> MRPB Preference and Other Questions? (2/21/2019 12:35:44 PM)

I would like to thank all who have responded to my previous inquiries, great help.

I am still trying to grasp TOAW, what a cool game. I especially like the BTS though find myself frequently getting burned by sloppy play as I experiment with the game.

As far as actually playing a scenario I am most interested in one of the monster WWII games, 'Europe Aflame', and 'World at War'. As I will be playing solo so both sides with suffer from ineptitude at the highest level of command. I have spend much time in the editor mode, not so much editing but looking behind the scenes.
The two scenarios have completely different MRPB; Aflame at 99, WaW at 3. I have played the opening turn of German's invasion of Poland. They was a big difference in game play but this is was more due to game scale in my opinion. I don't want to be critical of either designer's work as they obviously have invested a ton of time, and I get to just play.

Q1] If you have played either scenario what is your impression? Any recommendations related to settings?

Q2] MRPB. If each round of combat (duration) equals an advancement of turn time toward 10, how is it possible to have a max of 99 rounds of combat? I really don't understand why there is such a huge swing in MRPB (3-99) between the scenarios.

Q3] When I was playing WaW if I tried to set an objective for a formation an unwanted Objective appeared which I could not delete. I could add additional objectives. I tried to edit formation paths away but no luck. Would really like to utilize this option due to game size.

All input is greatly appreciated.

larryfulkerson -> RE: MRPB Preference and Other Questions? (2/21/2019 2:58:56 PM)

If the MRPB is 99 that means that each turn is liable to turn burn where all the rounds
are expended on that one battle and the turn will end now. If the MRPB is 3 then the
most rounds that can be expended by that battle is 3 rounds, leaving some turn left over.

And about the objective tracks: I've played around with that and have modified tracks and
built new ones and I've never run into an objective that you couldn't edit. That's strange.
I'm wondering what would cause that. Maybe if you reboot TOAW ? What version are you
running? Switch to the latest one there is and try it.

Rand6897 -> RE: MRPB Preference and Other Questions? (2/21/2019 6:30:59 PM)

Thanks Larry,

I hadn't seen any combat go pass 3-4 rounds, changed unit settings to ignore losses and saw difference. I will look at a few other scenarios to see what they have MRPB at. I am still wondering about a preferred setting here. What would seem the most realistic for a game with divisions or corps and 15-25 km hexes. Still learning.

The WaW objective issue is still a puzzle and will have to follow advice. There are zero pre-set unit objectives. When I try to set one the game places Obj 1 at a location that has nothing there and will not let me remove it (In PO mode, not the editor).

Thanks again

sPzAbt653 -> RE: MRPB Preference and Other Questions? (2/21/2019 7:08:04 PM)


I will look at a few other scenarios to see what they have MRPB at. I am still wondering about a preferred setting here.

My opinion is that it depends on the scenario and how it plays compared to expectations. I believe 99 is the default setting, but in my opinion setting it to 3 at the beginning of the design process is the best thing to do. Then it can be adjusted from 3 if during playtesting results aren't what is expected.
For example, if 10 rounds of combat is resulting in the front lines being too fluid and most units ending the turn in the red, then up it from 3 to 5, or 8. Or if things are too static and it is difficult to get an offensive moving, you could lower it to 2 or even 1, although this situation is usually the cause of some other setting(s) and an MRPB setting of 2 or 1 could make things worse.
So, there is no preferred setting unless you want to consider 3 as the base. The reason there is no preferred setting for this and other settings [such as the Attrition Divider, or Force Proficiency] is that there are too many other factors involved in each scenario's design. Playtesting irons them out.

sPzAbt653 -> RE: MRPB Preference and Other Questions? (2/21/2019 7:10:04 PM)


(In PO mode, not the editor).

I don't have any experience in the PO Mode, but if no one else with experience gives some feedback, I'll take a look to see what might be going on.

Rand6897 -> RE: MRPB Preference and Other Questions? (2/21/2019 9:36:22 PM)

Another question.

Can the settings such as MRPB found under the deployment editor be changed once a scenario is underway and consequently be reflected in the ongoing scenario, altered on the fly so to speak. I would doubt this is possible for OOB or events.

sPzAbt653 -> RE: MRPB Preference and Other Questions? (2/21/2019 10:53:03 PM)

Save files are their own files and don't draw from the originals, so you can't alter an in-progress game.

Actually, you can rename a save file as a scenario [.sce] and then make changes to it, but it doesn't work fully as you would intend it to so it's not satisfactory.

It is best to create a small test scenario to determine stuff. However, MRPB is something that I feel can't be determined properly unless it is playtested thoroughly within each scenario.

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