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andy77 -> Translation game (2/20/2019 9:31:57 PM)

I am engaged in translating the game into Russian and noticed such a problem -if in file RussianGameText.xml the line

<s_5680 t="LOSSES_LOCATION_STRING" v=" примерные потери - "/>

a translation of the text is made,then the data on the percentage of losses disappears in Combat Results.And this happens in all translations where there is this string (Chinese, French)


andy77 -> RE: Translation game (2/20/2019 9:46:21 PM)

And if in this line to write English text
<s_5680 t="LOSSES_LOCATION_STRING" v=" approximate equipment and personnel losses - "/>
it happens like this:


What is the way to solve this problem?
If this column cannot be translated, then how can it be deleted so that the default text is English

andy77 -> RE: Translation game (2/20/2019 10:04:52 PM)

Another question, is it possible to increase the number of valid letters in the Info Line Panel?There is a lot of empty space that can be filled with useful information.


josant -> RE: Translation game (2/21/2019 4:58:55 PM)

There are some lines that if you translate them, causes game crash or other issues, so those lines should not be translated

The lines are the following:


andy77 -> RE: Translation game (2/21/2019 7:49:31 PM)

Thank you for your prompt reply. This is very useful information.
But the EnglishGameText.xml file ends with 4860 lines. Lines 4861 through 6920 are only in FrancaisGameText.xml and ChineseGameText.xml. And there the lines you listed are translated and therefore the Combat Results panel is also displayed there incorrectly.
I make my translation from the file FrancaisGameText and where can I find out the correct English version?

josant -> RE: Translation game (2/21/2019 7:58:35 PM)

Steps to get the latest english gametext version:

1. Install the last patch
2. At the main screen choose the english language
3. Go to the scenario editor
4. Hit F11, a message saying equipment file saved appears
5. Go to "Documents"-"My games"-"The Operational Art of War IV" folder
6. the file called NewGameText.xml is the file that you must translate.

andy77 -> RE: Translation game (2/21/2019 9:17:23 PM)

It's great !How much can you learn by talking to an intelligent man! Why I did not know it before,Now work will go much faster[&o]

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