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tdavie -> Wargaming on the iPad/iPad Pro (2/20/2019 8:21:30 PM)

Civilization 6
Carrier Battles: Guadalcanal
Civil War Battles (Tiller)
Panzer Campaigns (Tiller)
Battle of the Bulge
Drive on Moscow
Panzer Corps
Open Panzer
Rome: Total War
Ancient Battles: Rome

With the exception of Panzer Campaigns and Civil War Battles, I have the ones listed. The Tiller games I have on PC.

Any other wargames out there for the iPad? Iím most comfortable with turn based or pausable/order givable rts. And I love hexes for some reason.

Thanks for any ideas.


redcoat -> RE: Wargaming on the iPad/iPad Pro (2/20/2019 9:10:42 PM)

I donít have an iPad and so I canít help you much with your question. However, I have noticed that HexWar Games have a bunch of games for the iPad. They are quite basic games and the small 'battlefields' are suitable for a smaller screen.


rocketman71 -> RE: Wargaming on the iPad/iPad Pro (2/20/2019 10:22:14 PM)

This is a good one if you like Pacific Carrier battles.

Edit: Oops, didn't see it on your list.

They are making a PC version of it as well.

ezzler -> RE: Wargaming on the iPad/iPad Pro (2/20/2019 10:22:46 PM)

twilight struggle
the Great War
wwii tactics {card game}
rebel in c
one about cuba - can't remeber the name. it was good enough.

DonCzirr -> RE: Wargaming on the iPad/iPad Pro (2/20/2019 11:24:47 PM)

For those looking for some good basic historical strategy gaming fun (notice I did not call it a war game) - here is a recent release on the App Store:


Partially card driven but also with unit counters on the map that account for Land, Sea and Air battles.

A number of scenarios are available - from ancient Rome through the Middle Ages -> WW1 / WW2 and to the Arab Israeli Wars.

Right now - I am playing Waterloo, Tannenberg 1914 and Berlin '45 and am having a lot of fun.

IMO - you can ignore those negative reviews.

You're not going to see too much quality on the AppStore going forward now that Slitherine has totally bailed on IOS.

For a good historical scenario - I am more than happy to pay .99 cents or 1.99.

Kuokkanen -> RE: Wargaming on the iPad/iPad Pro (2/21/2019 4:05:59 AM)

Frontline - The Longest Day. I have it on iPhone 4 (under min spec, but game works anyway), and thus should be available & working on iPad.

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