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StuccoFresco -> Eyes, Ears and Teeth - Soviet Side (2/20/2019 4:46:06 PM)

I'm trying to learn the game through small scenarios, getting a hold of how WP is meant to be played effectively. In this mission i have two small Battalions of recon troops (6th and 8th) under my command, with armored and mechanized reinforcements (21st Guards) on the way 136 and 140 minutes away. Intel warns me about possibly 1 to 10 helicopters, and i have no dedicated AA.

The map is divided by streams; the north is hilly and there are extensive woods, while center and south are more open. A high hill in the south dominates the plain.

Given that my forces are small, mobile, and lacks power, i decide to avoid open battle and try to rush forward to defensible chokepoints and hold them as long as possible. I'll focus on the north because the terrain favors defense, so i'll attach half of the 8th Btn to the 6th and send them toward Rauschemberg. The 8th will try to sneak up to the high hill in the south, taking Amoneburg. I'll try to set up some reverse slope ambush, and place my troops in a way that will force engagements in the 500-1000m range.

When the 21st arrives, if i have been succesful in holding my ground with the recon troops in the north and south, i'll send it straight toward Kirchhain trying to split the enemy forces in half and smash them between the 21st and the recons. If not, i'll split the 21st in two and send it to reinforce the 6th and 8th.


Just as the 8th Recon advances, several NATO helicopters swarms forward in the South, toward Amoneburg. Fortunately my troops weren't in the open yet and i succesfully move them deep in Stadtallendorf city, out of sight of the numerous Kiowa and Cobra helicopters. With that much flying firepower hanging around, i have to give up any plans to advance in the center and south until the 21st Guards arrives.

In the north i manage to reach Rauschenberg first and set up a nice ambush position before the enemy arrives. And when it arrives, it's a slaughter: American Bradleys advances on the road and are torn to piecies by BRM-1Ks, T-64s and the Spandrels. Despite taking mounting losses for hours, the enemy keeps trying to smash my defenses head-on instead of flanking me, so i succesfully hold my ground. Enemy artillery pounds my positions, but losses are acceptable and the 6th Recon resists. The troops holding the ground south of Rauschenberg don't report any enemy activity in that sector, luckily. If the enemy attacks there, i doubt i could stop him.

2 Hind helicopters arrives, and I immediately send them north, in hope of flanking the enemy's main force and locate/destroy his artillery and HQ.


Reinforcements are arrived, and with them more Hinds and dedicated AA! I split the two regiments, sending half toward Kirchhain and the other half toward Amoneburg. The Tunguskas engage enemy helos, downing a few.

As the battle progresses, the enemy seems to retreat from Rauschenberg and Amoneburg, seemingly trying to stop my Kirchhain offensive. Enemy Cobras attack the 8th Recon detachment and inflict grievous losses, but my brave troops manage to down 2 helicopters, and the enemy armored forces don't attack yet. The 2 hinds i sent north managed to flank the enemy and engage and destroy his SPA units. The other 4 Hind engage the enemy helicopters with their 30mm cannons, wreaking havoc on Kiowas and Cobras alike.


When the last NATO helicopter goes down, the battle is more or less over: the 8th Recon and 21st Guards rushes forward from Kirchhain and Amoneburg, reach Niederwalrd and destroys several Bradleys and Abrams, altough suffering losses on their own (the 8th Recon is pretty much destroyed). The enemy is in tatters and routs, giving up the region.


The final result is a Decisive Victory. The enemy suffered great losses in the first ambushes, and then when it kept attacking head-on in unfavourable conditions. 6th Recon destroyed almost half of enemy ground forces alone, so when the enemy tried to concentrate his troops in front of the 21st Guards' advance, he had too few units to stop it. Hinds have been proven to be VERY effective in anti-helicopter role, better than Tunguskas, which seems... strange. BMP-1 can be deadly if they manage to engage at 500m or less. Overall, the AI had its Cobras sitting on their ass in the south for too long; had it used it to support its attacks on Rauschenberg, the 6th Recon would have been wiped out.

MikeJ19 -> RE: Eyes, Ears and Teeth - Soviet Side (2/20/2019 11:28:46 PM)

Well done and thanks for sharing. It is interesting to see how different players play!

All the best,

Rincon -> RE: Eyes, Ears and Teeth - Soviet Side (2/21/2019 10:15:03 AM)

Nice play Stucco! Thanks as well for sharing. Interesting read.

StuccoFresco -> RE: Eyes, Ears and Teeth - Soviet Side (2/21/2019 10:28:24 AM)

Thanks to you both!

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