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m10bob -> Curtis SC-1 Seahawk (2/18/2019 2:41:21 PM)

The Curtiss Seahawk was to fit the USN requests for a plane to replace the already obsolete Kingfisher and Seamew planes in use early in the war.
The prototype did not fly till 1943 and was not ordered into production till 1944.
The plane began replacing the older planes aboard U.S. Battleships and Cruisers late in 1944, and is the type carried by the U.S.S.Indianapolis when it was sunk.

General characteristics

Crew: One pilot
Capacity: Facility for single stretcher patient
Length: 36 ft ​4 1⁄2 in (11.08 m)
Wingspan: 41 ft 0 in (12.49 m)
Height: 16 ft 0 in [7] (4.87 m)
Wing area: 280 ft (26.01 m)
Empty weight: 6,320 lb (2,867 kg)
Loaded weight: 9,000 lb (4,082 kg)
Powerplant: 1 Wright R-1820-62 Cyclone supercharged 9-cylinder radial engine, 1,350 hp (1,007 kW)


Maximum speed: 313 mph (272 knots, 504 km/h) at 28,600 ft (8,700 m)
Cruise speed: 125 mph (113 knots, 210 km/h)
Range: 625 mi (543 nmi, 1,006 km)
Service ceiling: 37,300 ft (11,370 m)
Rate of climb: 2,500 ft/min (12.7 m/s)


Guns: 2 .50 M2 Browning machine guns
Bombs: 2 325 lb (150 kg) bombs
NOTE:The plane was also capable of carrying a wing mounted surface scan RADAR.


m10bob -> RE: Curtis SC-1 Seahawk (2/18/2019 2:45:39 PM)

Another example.


m10bob -> RE: Curtis SC-1 Seahawk (2/18/2019 2:49:57 PM)

In flight..NOTE, While the plane only had a crew of one, there were provisions behind him for two bunks for crew rescue duties.


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