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dhucul2011 -> Amphibs (2/14/2019 10:32:16 PM)

Some of us are making use of brigades and divisions in our MODs.

Just a thought for the editor...make it a selection to have units be available for amphibious transport from non-port hexes just like SF.

Divisions, brigades, engineers and maybe even light tanks should be able to amphib from any coastal hex albeit for higher costs than SF and without the ability to maintain extended supply.

We recently had a bug in the game engine that allowed all units to do this. Can it be reverted back just for those units above? [;)]

Hubert Cater -> RE: Amphibs (2/20/2019 3:55:42 PM)

The best would be to have some sort of unit toggle, just not sure if it will make it as an option any time soon.

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