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Daniele -> TOAW IV Scenario Highlight: Operation Neva - Leningrad 1944 (2/14/2019 8:36:15 AM)

On January 14th, 1944, Leningrad Front and Volkhov Front launched a combined offensive against the German 18th Army still standing at the outskirts of Leningrad. The plan was to break through to Luga from north and East and encircle the army, before continuing the attack to the Panther Line still under construction and break into the Baltic.

The Germans had in the previous months severely weakened the army by transferring many divisions south and was planning a withdrawal to shorten the front line. The offensive started before they could implement this plan 'Blau'.

Despite a near collapse of the German front, a few key locations were held long enough to allow most of the army to escape encirclement. Beaten but not destroyed it fell back to the Panther Line, where fierce Soviet attacks tried to punch trough before the snow melted.

Kudos to LLv34_Snefens for creating and updating this great scenario for TOAW v4.1. Check it out here

Scenario have a PO for play against the Soviet side, otherwise it's for PBEM.

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