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Yeohan -> PBM new Player (2/13/2019 5:51:34 PM)

I am a new player and I am looking for an opponent who is willing to play Tannenberg with me. 1 turn a day. I would also like to play with someone who is willing to give some feedback. GMT + 1 Holland.

Hyding -> RE: PBM new Player (2/14/2019 12:23:53 AM)

you may get quicker results if you repost this in the Opponents section above

larryfulkerson -> RE: PBM new Player (2/26/2019 12:31:23 AM)

You'll have more luck posting something in the opponents
wanted section:


EDIT: Somebody got here and answered the question just
before I did.

BigDuke66 -> RE: PBM new Player (3/1/2019 1:38:49 AM)

Check The Blitz Wargaming Club, you surely find opponents there:

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